Preparing Your Family Well for Back-to-School Season

Are you and your kids ready for school to start? You may be ready for them to be out of the house, but you’re probably not ready for the busyness to begin! Back to school can be filled with anxiety for your entire family. But a solid start is incredibly beneficial to your family’s mental and physical health. You can lessen the stress with these suggestions.

Meet Physical Needs First-

  • Get Plenty of Rest Make sure everyone in your family follows a consistent sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time. Lead by example by putting away your phones, electronic devices, and other distractions when going to bed. Go to bed earlier on Sunday night, so you and the kids can transition from the weekend and be ready to go Monday morning.
  • Good Nutrition and a well-balanced diet is essential for a sound mind and body. It is especially important to make time for breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast before starting the school day or workday is said to improve concentration and energy levels, helps maintain a healthier weight, and leads to improved test scores and overall work productivity. 
  • Create a Safe & Secure Home Environment by minimizing stress. Kids take their cues from you. They pay attention to your conversations. If you’re stressed, your children can easily be stressed. Try not to discuss your bad day or your spouse’s bad day in front of the kids. Help your children with the first day jitters by letting them know it’s normal and okay to feel nervous. Reassure them that once they have that first day of school under their belt, it does get easier. 

Restart Your Routine NOW-

  • Read and Play Board Games to get their minds active again.
  • Go To Bed Earlier Between now and the first day of school, get the kiddos used to going to bed about 10-15 minutes earlier each day.
  • Do A Practice Run Get the kids up, dressed, eat breakfast, and take them to school or show them where the school bus will pick them up. This practice run will help lessen anxiety on that first day and helps you gauge how much time is needed to get everyone up and out the door.

Plan Ahead-

  • Layout Outfits The Night Before Get in the habit of laying out outfits the night before, so all that’s needed is simply to get dressed. This will save so much time!
  • Designate one spot where they’ll always set their backpacks and lunchboxes. Also, set-up a workspace area where they can do their homework. 

Let Kids Be Kids-

  • Allow Time To Play Outdoors Kids need downtime, just like parents need downtime to relax, play, and just have fun.
  • Laugh Together! Laughter is good medicine.
  • Spend A Night Or Two Together At Home Eat dinner together, talk, play games, watch a movie, and just enjoy spending time at home.

CommunityMed Family Urgent Care wants this school year to be your family’s best! These tips should help. But, for those tummy aches that arise, fevers, broken bones and stitches that come with being back in school, we’re here seven days a week until 8pm!