Keeping Your Family Safer During the Summer

It’s Summertime! The weeks when your kids are out of school are the MORE months… more fun, more activities, and many times more injuries. 

This time of year, we see a lot of injuries at our urgent care. Bicycle accidents, broken bones from falling off the trampoline, slip and falls from the slippery surfaces at the swimming pool, and so much more.

Here’s Some Ways You Can Keep Your Family Safer During the Summer:


Always wear a helmet. Even if it’s a quick ride around the corner to their friend’s house, wearing a helmet can reduce serious head injury by 70%, fatal head injury by 65%, and injury to the face by 33%.


Drownings can happen in a split second. If your kids are in the water or around a swimming pool or hot tub, make sure your eyes stay on them at all times. Even a quick glance reading or replying to a text, could be a fatal mistake. 


We Texans know how fast the weather can change. If you’re spending time on the water, be weather-aware. Always play it safe when you see dark clouds, drops in temperature, or increasing winds.

Wear a life jacket at all times whether you’re in the boat or out in the water. 

More Drivers, More People, More Accidents

During the summer, more people are out and about on the road. Teens spend 44% more hours driving in the summer weeks than during the school year, and they’re out later.

Always buckle up and lead by example. Talk to them about the dangers of drinking and driving as well as distracted driving. Even if they’re in a neighborhood, remind them of no texting. This time of year, there’s too many kids outside playing, walking along the sidewalk, or running a lemonade stand. If your eyes aren’t on the road at all times, you could easily jump a curb and hit someone. If it’s too tempting to look down at your phone, place it in the backseat.

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