Has the 2017 Flu Season Started Yet?

A great place to start in answering that question is sharing that our clinics have, in fact, already seen a good handful of flu cases this year.  Flu Season typically starts in October and can last through May, according to the CDC. The heaviest part of the flu season typically falls between December and February (although, it does vary from year to year). We saw our first case in September!

It is important to note that Seniors, very young children, pregnant women, and those who have existing health conditions are more vulnerable to serious flu complications. However, everyone is somewhat vulnerable to coming down with the flu.

Reduce your chances of coming down with the flu by getting your flu shot as early as you can in the season. The best offence is a good defense! You can also reduce your chances of getting the flu by following a healthy lifestyle. Eat plenty of vegetables, a moderate amount of fruit and stay hydrated with water! Your body’s immune system will be strengthened and ready to help fight the flu should you come down with a case.

If you do happen to get the Flu this year, CommunityMed is THE place to go!  Patients love us because we make the IN-CONVENIENCE of something like the Flu – as hassle-free as possible!

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is… Flu Season, Allergy Season — At CommunityMed, we offer the fastest service (of anyone in town) with Little-to-No Wait!

We typically get patients IN and OUT of our clinic within 30 Minutes! At CommunityMed, we treat all ages, and we’re affordable! CommunityMed is NOT an Emergency Room!  We are about the same price as visiting your family practice or pediatrician’s office; without the frustration of trying to get in to see your doctor or WAIT in an over-crowded lobby.

We don’t require an appointment!  You can walk-in and be seen TODAY!  We’re open 7 days a week, every day, until 8pm!

At CommunityMed, we are in-network with all major insurance carriers including Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, United Health Care, Humana, as well as Medicare and Tricare!

We have several very convenient locations located in the North Texas area and would be honored to serve you should you need us! Find a location near you!