Get expert help with the flu, strep throat or colds at CommunityMed Urgent Care where there is little to no wait!

Say Goodbye Fast to the Flu and Strep

As a mom, it pains you to see your child sick.  If you think they may have the Flu or Strep, think CommunityMed Urgent Care & Family Care Clinic.  They’ll get the closest, best thing to YOU caring for them, and we’ll get your child feeling better fast!

At CommunityMed Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic, we treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries.  If your child is experiencing a dry, hacking cough, moderate-to-high fever, sore throat, stuffy and running nose, muscle or body aches, or other symptoms, they could have the Flu.  If they have a fever, sore throat, stomach ache, rash, nausea, or other symptoms, it could be Strep.  Bring them in today and allow our skilled nurses and compassionate team to diagnose and treat the problem quickly.  No more waiting hours for treatment or trying to get in with the Primary Care Doctor.

If you are fatigued, sore throat, shaking chills… You might have the flu. Feel Better Fast with CommunityMed!

At CommunityMed, if your child is sick today, they can be seen today!  They’ll be in excellent hands with our staff members, like Kristina, ensuring your child feels comfortable, relaxed, and feeling better right away!  “Sometimes, a stomach ache alone can be Strep,” says Kristina Halberg, Nurse Practitioner at our Wichita Falls location.

If you have a fever, sore throat, rash, stomach ache… You might have strep. Feel Better Fast with CommunityMed!

As a Full-Service, Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic, we can affordably care for your son or daughter and give them the treatment they need to say goodbye flu-bug or strep!

Call us today or use our easy, online check-in and rest comfortably at home until you’re seen!  CommunityMed Urgent Care has convenient neighborhood locations to serve you across north Texas, with more Coming Soon!

Feel Better Fast with CommunityMed!

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