How Stella Got Her Groove Back After the Holidays

All the parties, social gatherings, laughter, and time off from work has suddenly come to a halt… Now, you’re back at your desk and back to reality.  Now what?!  How can you get back in the swing of things and feel excited and motivated again?!

Here’s some tips to help you get your groove back:

#1 Find Things to Look Forward To

Live your life with the same enthusiasm that you had during the holidays.

”I think most people get the blues because they live just for the holiday,” life coach Shannah Kennedy says. ”Ideally, every time you come back from a holiday you have an opportunity to dump an old habit and have the energy to build in a new habit – a new way of thinking, a new skill, something you might want to learn or commit to – it doesn’t have to be anything big at all.”

Make a list of the things you enjoy doing and schedule them into your life. Putting them on the schedule increases the likelihood that you will do them!

Don’t just look forward to the big events of the year. Give yourself something to look forward to in the day-to-day. Maybe you can start taking classes in something that interests you. Or, you could give yourself more scheduled time to do things that you love.

#2 Switch Your Thinking

“Try changing your thinking and attitude from the moment your holiday is over,” Kennedy says: ”Start with a new approach as soon as you land at the airport,” she says.

Focus on the positive and tell yourself ‘I’m excited about the New Year.’

Plan one enjoyable activity into your week like a movie, a dinner date, a party, or soaking in a nice, hot bubble bath.  And, once a month, visit a spa or schedule a massage.  CommunityMed has a fabulous Med Spa at our Melissa location.  Enjoy a Hydra-Facial or Botox treatment for drastically less than you’d pay at the overpriced Dallas or McKinney spas.

#3 Take Care of Yourself

Get back in the gym right away and back to eating healthy.

A psychology lecturer from Southern Cross University, Dr. James Donnelly, says getting back into a healthier routine will help to alleviate feelings of sadness.

”We sit around and eat and drink a lot during the holidays and physically become out of whack,” he says. ”So, one of the key issues for maintaining mood is to get out and do something physical.”

However, remember to give yourself time and patience. Your body might not be in the same condition that it was prior to the holidays. So, it might take a week or so to be back at the level you were at. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t run as long or as fast as you could prior to all the big holiday meals. Take it one day at a time.

Scheduling and planning for time to exercise is important. Even if you only have 10-20 minutes. Those 10-20 minutes are a huge improvement to none. You’ll find that even those 10-20 minutes will give you more energy and relaxation than going without.

#4 Get Outside During Your Lunch Break

Go for a walk or just get out of the office and enjoy some fresh air. This will give you time to reflect and reminisce as well as a chance to jump-start on that exercise!

#5 Create a Photo Book or Holiday Slide Show

Scrapbook your holiday memories, create a visual or journal about your holiday. Relive the memories by making a slide show. It will help you remember the details that made this holiday so special. Then, be sure to share the slide-show or visuals with the friends and family you were with. They might like to relive it too!

#6 Book Another Holiday or Party

Start looking forward to the next holiday gathering, party or event! Giving yourself something big to look forward to can help you out of the slump when all of the friends and family are gone after the holidays.

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