March Madness is here!

It’s a fun time for enjoying college hoops and friendly competition. What’s not so fun is sitting in a doctor’s office or lobby waiting and waiting with a bunch of other sick people! While getting sick cannot always be avoided, you can choose a clinic where you can count on a great experience and shorter wait times.

CommunityMed Family Urgent Care Clinic can eliminate the frustration and madness of a lengthy visit. For starters, you can check-in and complete the paperwork to our urgent care clinic right from your smartphone! It takes only several minutes to fill out, and our urgent care clinic staff goes to work! 

  • By offering ONLINE CHECK-IN and the convenience of allowing the paperwork to be done on your phone, CommunityMed SAVES YOU TONS OF TIME! This allows you to bypass the waiting area and the tedious clipboard with form after form that needs to be filled out, and gets you right in and feeling better in no time!
  • By staying OPEN LATE and on WEEKENDS, CommunityMed eliminates the madness of having to wait until they reopen the next day, or even worse, waiting until Monday rolls around before they can see you. WE’RE OPEN EVERYDAY, INCLUDING WEEKENDS ‘til 8pm!
  • By being a walk-in clinic, CommunityMed eliminates the need to make a phone call to see if there are any appointments available, or if we’re one of the places who is even taking new patients. We always welcome NEW & EXISTING PATIENTS at our urgent care clinics!!!

Enjoy March Madness and BEAT THE CLOCK at CommunityMed Family Urgent Care Walk-In Clinics! Check-in NOW at