Walk In Medical Clinic in Arlington Texas

Are you suffering from a pink eye? Ignoring it and leaving it isn’t a good idea. Come to our walk in clinic in Arlington Texas and our clinicians will help you out. We offer immediate expert assistance and provide medical aid when you need.

What we treat:

Here at our walk in clinic in Arlington Texas, we treat a number of diseases including:

  • Sprains: We have x-ray equipment on-site for accurate diagnosis.
  • Fevers: Fevers can be indicative of bigger problems. It is best that you have them treated as soon as you can.
  • Abscesses: They are painful and can occur anywhere. You should get them drained and we will prescribe your antibiotics.


Our walk in clinic in Arlington Texas can help you get:

  • Vaccines and Flu vaccines:Flu, a rather common ailment, can happen anytime from September to May and you can to take steps to prevent it.
  • Allergy Testing: Treating allergies can be rather complicated. You need to carry out testing to ascertain the cause.
  • Physical Exam: A thorough physical exam can bring to the fore any problems you might be having.

For children:

Since children are more sensitive, we offer urgent care for kids. Here at our walk in clinic in Arlington Texas we understand that your children are your first priority – so in times of emergency they become ours too. We also have flu shots for your children.

Don’t worry; we accept major insurances including tricare and medicare. We work late from Monday to Sunday till 8 pm, so you can drop by whenever. Just visit communitymedcare.com for online check-in or to check where there is an open time slot available.

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