Your Primary Care Doctor Alternative in Arlington, Texas

Looking for the right primary care clinic in Arlington, Texas? Our primary health care facility is at your service for all your health concerns – a one stop destination for all your ailments.

From allergies to flushing, to rashes, blisters, congestion and even fevers, we treat them all.

Our diagnostic facility provides for diagnosis of the following diseases:

  • UTIs
  • Strep
  • Flu
  • Diabetes

Not only this, we also provide treatment for all infections, which include infections in the eye, skin, and urinary tract.

Rashes can be total nightmares as they can be sore, itchy and painful too and our excellent clinicians provide immediate relief for rashes and associated discomfort.

Sinus infections can be extremely uncomfortable to deal with. The associated symptoms include headache, respiratory problems and discomfort can happen anytime. Proper health of the sinuses is crucial.

You thus need the right treatment. We offer the best sinus treatment facilities in town, which can help you breathe normally and carry on with your normal routine.

Not just this, our experienced clinicians will also take care of many other illnesses you encounter in your daily life.

We also have an urgent care facility to deal with medical emergencies of all kinds, and all ailments that may affect you at odd times.

When Should You Visit Us?

We are available for our patients on all days of the week, till 8 pm every day. Our urgent care facility is available for you round the clock. We also cater to people with busy schedules assuring of nearly zero waiting lines, and accept all major health insurances.

Just book an appointment online with us at anytime to avoid any waiting times- though we rarely have any!

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