Family Care Clinic Near Iowa Park, Texas

Our clinic is well equipped with all the modern facilities and a highly skilled and experienced team of practitioners on board. We serve patients located near Iowa Park in Wichita Falls.

We provide diagnostic aids for the detection and treatment of the following diseases:

  • UTI
  • Strep
  • Mono
  • Flu

Why Do You Need To Visit Our Family Care Clinic near Iowa Park, Texas?

The timely detection of Diabetes can save a lot of lives. This is because elevated glucose levels due to insulin shortages can lead to so many health complications like syncope, delayed wound healing, poor response to medications, heart disease and diabetic foot.  And it’s not just diabetes we can help you with.

We also provide vaccinations for influenza virus which can significantly reduce incidences of flu in populations.

Our experienced clinicians and auxillaries also help you deal with headaches and infections.

This includes:
– All types of headaches, including migraines
– Upper and lower respiratory tract infections
– Pneumonia

We also have a well equipped urgent care facility that caters to patients with all kinds of medical emergencies and the minor accident cases.

Our expert clinicians also provide splinting in instances of complicated and comminuted fractures.

Allergy cases can sometimes end up in the emergency category. There is a need for immediate attention and accurate diagnosis and treatment- our clinic effectively treats allergies of all categories.

When Should You Visit Us?

Our clinic is open all through the week, till 8 pm every day. Our zero waiting lines, you will save a considerable amount of your time when you visit us.  We accept all major health insurances, and you could even book an appointment online with us.

Do drop in at our medical clinic near Iowa Park in Wichita Falls, Texas for quick solutions to all your health issues.

Our providers will be able to help patients in Iowa Park. We are open late and weekends!




















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