Family Care Clinic Near Kennedale, Texas

Our family care clinic serves patients in Kennedale at our South Arlington location. We have the most advanced diagnostic facility in the region which includes digital X rays operated by a highly experienced and skilled off site radiologist.

We also offer immunization facilities for various diseases which can be highly infectious which include:

  • Flu
  • Tetanus
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Viral Infections

Tetanus can turn life threatening if left untreated. It is caused mainly by unattended wounds and skin breaches. We provide for tetanus vaccines for our patients at all times.

We also provide diagnostic tests for sexually transmitted diseases diabetes and much more. That’s not all, we offer physical examinations and screenings for athletes and federal employees too.

We have a well equipped urgent health facility with highly trained and skilled clinicians on board.  It’s okay if your kid has got something stuck in his nose – just come to us immediately!

Allergies can be an problematic too. It can cause complications like breathlessness, pulmonary edema, anaphylaxis to name a few. Our clinicians are well trained to deal with allergies of all magnitudes and categories.

When Should You Visit Us?

Our clinic is open all the week through, and we close at 8 pm every day. We also have a round the clock emergency care facility for medical emergencies and trauma cases. Our zero waiting lines save a significant amount of your valuable time when you drop in.

Don’t worry about health insurances, we accept all major ones including medicare, and tricare. If you’re worried about any waiting time, you could even book your appointment online at before you drop in to our family clinic near Kennedale, Texas.

Our providers in Kennedale will help treat you and your family! We are open late and weekends!




















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