Primary Care Doctor Alternative Near Kennedale, Texas

Our clinic near Kennedale, Texas has the best clinicians on board to address all your health concerns. We not only provide relief from allergy symptoms, but also have a special facility for sport physical examinations.

We also provide sutures for deep cuts, lacerations, and other injuries. Apart from providing allergy relief, we also have allergy tests to determine the allergens that may cause allergic reactions.

Stop by at our clinic to get relief from all upper respiratory issues including cold, cough, congestion, and sore throat, among other common health ailments.

Here is a look at some of the other things we can help you with.

Animal Bites

Animal bites can lead to infections, and also cause many unsightly and painful cuts on the body. These need immediate attention. Hence, we have specialists catering to animal bites as they carry a lot of risks.


We also provide treatment for fevers. Fever can be caused by many factors. They can include viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, and can sometimes prove to be deadly too. This is why we provide maximum care and quick resolution of fever and associated symptoms.

Ear Aches

Ear aches are total nightmares. They can occur due to injury, or infections. Drop in at our clinic to attain quick relief from ear aches, and also eliminate the causative factor for the same.

When Should You Visit Us?

Our clinic is open throughout the week, till 8 pm. We also assure you of almost zero waiting lines. We accept all major health insurances including medicare, tricare and other private health insurances. Drop in at our medical clinic near Kennedale, Texas for quick solutions to all your health woes. Or just avoid any waiting time by booking your appointment online at

Our providers in Kennedale will help treat you and your family! We are open late and weekends!




















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