“All mothers have intuition. Great mothers have radar!”  We joke about how instinctive our mother’s are and how they seem to have eyes in the back of their head, but those in the medical profession say a mother’s intuition is real. When a mother has that gut feeling that something if off, wrong, or just not right- that intuition can be strong!

Somewhere in the first stages of motherhood, moms develop an intuition about their children and their relationship to their children. As each day passes, mothers and babies connect in ways that are vital for the child’s growth and development. Ways such as talking, eye-contact, singing, snuggling, etc. are all beneficial.

Although it takes time (and perhaps some guessing), mothers will form a special connection as each child grows, gradually understanding their behavior patterns and personality. This proves especially helpful when the little ones are ill or coming down with something. 

Many times, symptoms for different illnesses manifest themselves in a variety of ways, depending on the person or child. If a mom has several children, it is very possible that each one may develop different symptoms for the same illness. As an example, strep throat can present with fever for some and without for others; the flu could have body aches for one and chills (or both) for another. It is also possible that children may be susceptible to an illness more or less frequently or at different times of the year. 

The more in-tune a mom is with their little ones, the stronger her intuition will speak telling her “something isn’t right.” And when that voice speaks, moms waste no time jumping to action. There are many times by doing this that a mother can confirm she was right or maybe even learn for the next time, but never a bad idea to follow her gut feeling either way. Our children, especially when little, can sometimes have a harder time expressing themselves when they don’t feel good; so they depend on that “mothers intuition” to help when they need care as well. 


When it comes to illness or injury and that voice is saying “something isn’t right,” it’s important that moms (and dads alike) have a trusted place to take their kids. It’s time to get care for your little one – even if it’s for a good peace of mind! At CommunityMed Family Urgent Care, our Nurse Practitioners are awesome! They get it! They’ll care for your kiddos and your family like their own. When you entrust us with your family’s health, you’re the priority. Get the kind of treatment mom gives, today, at CommunityMed. Open 7 days a week until 8pm!