Got a Spring “Break?” We Are Here for You!


Ready for Spring Break? You and the kids are ready for fun and a break from your normal routine. You’ve got a lot of neat things planned and you’re really looking forward to it! What’s not on the planner for Spring Break is the kiddos getting sick or one of your family member’s needing medical care.

While these things can happen, it shouldn’t consume your entire break. Being excellent timesavers for our patients is why CommunityMed Family Urgent Care continues to receive rave reviews, referrals, and is the preferred urgent care in your community. No one wants to be at the doctor in the first place. So, when you do have to visit the doctor, it should be quick and hassle-free.

At CommunityMed walk-in clinic, we RESPECT your time. Come see us for any spring “breaks;” we have x-ray on site! We’re also there if you need stitches, or treatment for the flu or strep, UTI’s, dog bites, and more. You can be in and out of our clinic typically within 30 minutes or less! That’s seen AND treated!

CommunityMed’s team is highly trained. Many of our staff has worked in emergency rooms. While they can treat your boo boo’s and broken bones, sniffles and stitches, their expertise doesn’t come with an emergency room price! In fact, we’re up to ten times cheaper than the emergency room and a heck-of-a-lot faster!

We have the right people working in our clinics and the right equipment. Every CommunityMed Family Urgent Care is fully-equipped with a digital x-ray and onsite lab. We have seven convenient locations to serve you.

Make the most of your spring break by choosing the best timesavers in the business – CommunityMed Family Urgent Care! See our website NOW for the closest clinic.