Telemed Payment – The Last Step

All of our telemed is cash-pay.  You are welcome to file on your insurance.  Apologies we are collecting the SAME INFO AGAIN, but credit card company security requires it.
Once you are completed paying, we will text you the link for your visit.  Please make sure you pay more than 10 minutes before your visit time.

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CommunityMed Telemedicine Process

  1. Complete your registration paperwork

  2. Schedule your Telemed Visit online

  3. Pay for the visit (if there are issues on our end that prevent the visit, we will refund you)

  4. Before your visit, we will text you a link to jump online for the visit from a smart phone, tablet, or computer with microphone and web camera.

  5. Note that if your visit is unpaid 10 minutes before your start time, the visit will be canceled

  6. Because your visit prevents others from scheduling and ties up our practitioner, there are no refunds if you miss your visit

  7. If you need help or have any questions, you can call us at (817)778-9883