Dads are AWESOME!

We can thank them for so much including putting together some of our favorite things like the playset in the backyard, teaching us how to ride a bike, and being there to comfort us when our heart gets broken.

At our Urgent Care clinics, we see dads bringing their kids into our different locations every day.
Dads bringing in lots of kids.
Dads bringing in just one.
Dads who were up through the night with a coughing kiddo.
Dads who scooped up their son with a cut finger and drove them here right away.
Dads who made an appointment for their daughter’s school physical so she could join the volleyball team.

There’s nothing dads wouldn’t do to make sure the health and safety of their kids is top priority. 

That’s why we’re honored when dads bring their kids into our clinics. We know they trust us to care for their little ones in the best possible way!

We also know that they would rather get back to enjoying their day. That’s why our clinics are designed for a very little wait and prompt, attentive service! We’re also open late and weekends to provide convenient hours. As friendly as our clinics are, it’s way more fun snuggling with dad watching a movie at home or practicing those volleyball serves. And we get that! We’re here to partner with dads to give great care and get your family back to enjoying time together!

Cheers to you, dads, this Father’s Day weekend! 

As a fun tribute to Dad, we’ve put together a list of 10 Signs That You Might Be A Daddy’s Girl:

#10. When you have a problem, he’s the first person you call.
#9. You think he’s the funniest person you know.
#8. You make up excuses just to hangout with him.
#7. You do things just to impress him.
#6. You compare every man in your life to your dad.
#5. You think he can fix anything.
#4. You call him daddy vs. dad.
#3. You cry when you talk about him.
#2. You love watching sports together.
#1. You’re independent, until you need your dad.

Dad’s just have a special way of making us feel safe and loved. When we get hurt, they’re always there to make us feel better! While dads are our superheroes, there are times when we need care that even they can’t provide. For those times, there’s CommunityMed Family Urgent Care. An option that’s up to ten times cheaper than going to the emergency room and a whole lot faster! CommunityMed is ready to treat your illness or injury today. We’re open this Father’s Day until 8pm. Check-in online today!