Visit CommunityMed for Prompt Urgent Care Services near New Hope, TX

Ankle sprains, fevers, cold symptoms, allergic reactions, urinary tract infections… these are just a few of the conditions our highly experienced practitioners can treat at CommunityMed Family Urgent Care. We are a network of patient-centric walk-in clinics spanning North Texas, all of which are open seven days a week until 8 p.m. and treat patients of all ages. Whether you have a small child who needs care outside of your pediatrician’s normal business hours or you got hurt helping a friend move on the weekend, we can help you feel better fast. Here are some of the ways we stand out from other urgent care centers in the New Hope area:

We Can Treat All Non-Life-Threatening Injuries and Illnesses

From boo-boos to broken bones, sniffles to stitches, we can offer treatment for even the most urgent condition. Many of our practitioners are emergency room trained, which means they understand how to handle all types of injuries and illnesses.

We Provide Onsite Diagnostic Testing

Need an X-ray for your wrist that’s been bugging you? Does your child need a strep test? We provide a wide range of onsite diagnostic testing services for our patients, from lab tests to digital X-rays to health screenings and more.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans

We are proud to boast a streamlined payment process since we accept most major insurance plans, including UnitedHealthcare, TRICARE, Medicare, Cigna, Humana, BCBS, and more. We also offer affordable rates for self-pay individuals.

You’re In and Out in 30 Minutes or Less

One of the things we’re most proud of at CommunityMed is our efficient service. Typically, our patients are in and out in 30 minutes or less, and this includes their wait time.

When you need prompt medical care for a non-life-threatening injury or illness, come to CommunityMed Family Urgent Care near New Hope, TX. Our practitioners are ready to see you – now.