What to Do After a Workplace Injury Has Occurred

Sustaining an injury at your place of work can be a confusing time – not to mention, a painful one. You may not know what steps you need to take right now or if you need to visit a medical professional. Thankfully, that’s what your human resources department is there for. These professionals can help guide you through the process and make sure all paperwork and claims are filed correctly. The common steps you’ll want to take after your workplace injury has occurred include:

  • Notifying your employer of the injury and how it occurred so all the correct claims can be filed to ensure you’re properly compensated for any missed time and doctor’s appointments needed
  • Going to an urgent care clinic (most employers have partnerships with urgent care clinics for this very purpose) to receive proper medical attention, diagnostic services, treatment, and more
  • Recovering from your injury following the treatment plan set forth by the urgent care clinic
  • If necessary, undergoing a return-to-work physical once you have fully recovered that indicates you are ready to be back on the jobsite

CommunityMed – An Occupational Health Clinic in North Texas

Employers in North Texas that want to partner with an established occupational health clinic known for providing top-notch treatment can turn to CommunityMed Family Urgent Care. We help companies large and small throughout the area with the occupational health services they need, including workplace injury treatment. We accept all major worker’s compensation insurance plans and have a streamlined account management system to simplify the claims process.

Contact CommunityMed Family Urgent Care today if you need treatment for a workplace injury or if you’re an employer who wants to partner with a well-known occupational health clinic in the North Texas area.