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Cross Roads, Aubrey, Krugerville, Pilot Point, Oak Point, North Denton, Savannah, Providence Village, Little Elm and many North Collin County Communities. Our Cross Roads clinic is located near Walmart (Hwy 380 just east of 424).

Almost never a wait!
In-Network with many major Insurances – including Medicare and Tricare!


I have been three times for visits and extremely satisfied with the staff, doctors at this location.They take walk-in… go front give your name, phone then they ask yo to go back your and fill in why you need to be seen. You receive a phone call in less than 15 minutes.I’m pretty impressed by how professional and friendly doctors.Noemi
Noemi C.
19:29 09 Nov 21
I came here for a COVID test and the staff was super friendly! Setting the appointment was easy, and they got me in when no other places were available. I had to wait a few minutes extra in my car because of a setback, but once they got me in I was in and out in 15 min. My results came in after an hour so I did not have to wait long at all. Loved the experience!
Ashlyn B.
04:09 09 Nov 21
I am very pleased with this place. The people working there are very generous and they show that they care for their patients. I was in A LOT of pain and Alexa didn't hesitate to get me in right away. She was very helpful and I will recommend others about this place...
Joe G.
21:07 08 Sep 21
Run like a well oiled machine and not pushing any unnecessary tests, X-rays or blood work. Well done!! Thank you for actually caring and for your honest approach to health care.
Holly G.
19:13 02 Sep 21
My husband and I went in together. We were not feeling good. From the start the care was amazing. The front desk, the nurse and the PA did a wonderful job. It didn’t take long to get in and the care was fast and helpful. Thanks for the care!
Jeanette H.
22:11 04 Aug 21
Very happy I found this location!I have a CareNow pretty close to me but they close at 5:00pm and I did not want to go to the ER and pay an arm and leg. The staff was very friendly, professional and straight forward for what I needed. I highly recommend going here!
Alyssa T.
01:15 12 Jul 21
Staff was very professional. I got registered quickly and was seen by a provider right away. I thought it was a little pricey for the visit but but I guess with not having insurance, I probably saved money. I’d definitely go back if I had too.
Gregory D. M.
15:24 25 Jun 21
This is the best urgent care clinic, I have ever been too, & I have been to quite a few. To give credibility to this review, I am a 30 year Army Veteran who worked in US Army medical facilities. The VA support is great here & after hours they refer you to VA urgent care partners. The first one I went to needs to be closed. So I looked up this one, it was a 20 minute drive but we'll worth it. Got scheduled immediately, everyone there was super friendly, patient focused & genuinely caring. Justine my PA, besides being drop dead gorgeous, took her time, was very through & checked me on everything from strip throat, flu, Sirius infection, & COVID, even though I had my shots in January. She give me shot sent me home with a prescription & bed rest! This will be my partner for my health care forever! Thank you Community Med Family Urgent Care, your team is truly amazing, great way to treat a Vet on Memorial Day!!! Gloria (US Army, 🇺🇸 retired LTC)
gloria C.
20:10 31 May 21
I fell hard on a concrete floor, twisting my ankle and landing firmly on my elbow. I was in extreme pain and went to Community Med for help. My husband went in and a staff member followed him with a wheelchair for me. I was treated with kindness and gentleness.I had x-rays done and my arm and ankle securely wrapped and sent home all within an hour. We were there half an hour longer than they were open, but I never felt rushed or like anyone was impatient having to stay late. I appreciated that. I most definitely recommend Community Med.One tiny suggestion would be, put a box of tissues in the x-ray room, so when someone cries because they're hurting, they can have a tissue. 😢A huge thank you to everyone there who helped me out with such care and professionalism. Deb Armstrong (aka "dub") lol
Deb A.
14:46 20 May 21
They were fantastic. Quick and very knowledgeable. I would definitely use them again.That was my second trip to Community Urgent Care within a couple of weeks for 2 different problems I was lucky to get the same NP Jamie Rogers. I’m so impressed with her and her knowledge. She gets me fixed up, feeling better and on my way. I highly recommend this facility.Everyone is very helpful. Your able to get in and out.
Judith L.
14:20 29 Apr 21
CommunityMed Crossroads: I had a very pleasant experience there. Everyone was so nice and polite. The receptionist, the tech, and the doctor were great!! I will go there from now on.
Chris W.
20:42 20 Mar 21
Our second time visiting and Doc was great yet again!! He’s so up beat and made our visit so seamless. He took care of my son and we left feeling extremely cared for. Thank you also to the front desk for being so nice to us and making us feel at home.
Elsy G.
02:33 15 Mar 21
Very clean and well managed with a kind and caring, professional and personable staff. My family and I went for covid test after a recent exposure (all negative) and we had results within the hour (on a Friday evening!). My 1st grader was naturally unhappy for the nasal swabbing (tip: just sit on your hands and count to 4 and it will be over) but they had small toys waiting for him to cheer him up and were very compassionate and got the job done! We have a choice in Urgent Care facilities and my families choice is now with CommunityMed Family Urgent Care. 🙂
Marnie S.
15:39 06 Mar 21
This is one of the cleanest facility (In Cross Roads) I have ever been in. The staff here is very professional and friendly. Even though it was my first time being there, I was treated as a long time patient. Thanks for the work you’re doing to help the community and I definitely recommend this facility to anyone near by.
Jr. K.
17:11 03 Mar 21
I love this office and the staff. They always take such great care of us. Ryan has an amazing bedside manner! You will love visiting Community Med of Cross Roads!
Melody K.
19:10 12 Feb 21
Everyone was very nice and informative. I schedule the appointment the day before to have my son tested for COVID. We got there early, checked in; ten minutes later they called and asked a few questions and we went in. From the time we checked in from the car to getting back into the car was probably 20 minutes. Received the results within 10 minutes of leaving. We don’t want to have to go again, but if we do need medical attention, we will come back!
Jessica M. C.
17:35 09 Feb 21
Everybody we had interaction with was absolutely wonderful! From the initial phone call to see if they could treat my child’s needs, to the front desk personnel, to the nurse practitioner. This is not a place you want to have to go to, but if you do, you will be in good hands. Highly recommend this place!Had to visit again unexpectedly. Even my 13 year old son was talking about how nice everyone was here. If we ever have an urgent need this will always be our “go-to” place!
Nikki S.
10:05 04 Feb 21
CommunityMed Family Urgent Care is the best! All the staff is great. Any time I’m injured or sick, that’s where I go. They are all very kind and caring and do a great job!
Sandee E
21:22 03 Feb 21
Even though it sometimes takes a while to be “seen”, the staff at Community Med Urgent Care is great. Due to school and work requirements, my family has needed to be tested for Covid several times and they are always so helpful and informative. Once you’re in the office, they are super quick!
Jemma B.
19:22 03 Feb 21
Staff was very kind and efficient. Didn’t have to wait long at all. There were 3 other patients before me, and I was able to be seen within 5 minutes.
Rocky L.
16:06 02 Feb 21
If you're in need of urgent care, I would highly recommend this place. I called a little before six and got an appointment for seven. Ryan was awesome and I really appreciate his candor and calm and commentary. Thank you to everyone who helped 🙂
Christina R.
01:48 01 Feb 21
Went in to get relief from a horrible sinus infection/allergy attack. Late Sunday night I was able to make an appointment any time on Monday. They saw me very quickly and I was out and got my medicine within about 30 minutes. From registering, checking in and out at the front desk, the MA and the NP - everyone was FABULOUS, KIND, HELPFUL, UNDERSTANDING AND JUST GREAT! I worked in Medical for 30 years and this is hands down the best experience I have ever had. And it's not just once - I have gone several times and my family members have also !!!!!! TEN STARS!!
Karen D.
03:03 27 Oct 20
This was my first visit to this facility. I was greeted by an Extremely pleasant and courteous staff. I was feeling quite ill, the staff did everything they could to try and make me more comfortable. Professionalism with kindness. The NP was through, and very knowledgeable. I felt very safe in their hands. My thanks to them all.
Linda W.
05:07 23 Sep 20
I first heard of CommunityMed Lantana-Bartonville Urgent Care On our neighborhood Facebook post of another person who had a very positive experience. I have a regular physician in Flower Mound but as often with very large practices there are communication problems and I never got a call back for a appointment.... I had no difficulty obtaining an appointment with CommunityMed Lantana, they have an efficient system with good Covid standards. Exceptional friendly staff, who were very helpful, I was able to get the needed lab work and out the door with a prescription in almost no time flat! They treat routine and urgent conditions, I definitely and recommend them. I will gladly use their services again. I feel they are all very knowledgeable which gave me a great deal of confidence in diagnosis and treatment plan.
Marilyn C.
00:25 30 Aug 20
Easy in and out during Covid restrictions.Stay in your car; text; wait your turn; go in and be seen.The wait for the doctor never seems long (unlike CareNow which is always over an hour even with an appointment!). More like 10-15 minutes but I do recommend making an appointment and filling out the paperwork online at home before you arrive.Covid tests include nasal and mouth swabs. We got results back in less than 72 hours!Also went in for something non-Covid related. Saw the doctor within 10 minutes of getting to the exam room and was out of there in less than an hour (and most of that was waiting for possible injection reaction).We have no complaints! We will definitely use this facility again... although we’d rather just opt to stay healthy and not have to. 😉
Cj T.
17:21 24 Aug 20
Excellent experience here today. It was very easy to make an appointment online. I also liked that I was able to fill out all of my paperwork online, as well. Like their website states, once you have an appointment time, you simply wait in your car until it's your turn to enter the clinic. The test was fast and painless. I would definitely recommend!
Robin M.
18:41 20 Jul 20
We had a great experience from check-in through the end of the visit. All staff were extremely courteous, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Will definitely be back here for any urgent care matters. (This was for a Covid-19 test for myself, my husband and our teenage son. Our son was very concerned about the process-just say no to watching YouTube videos of the test before going-and the nurse did a great job of reassuring him-and the rest of us for that matter-and answering our questions before administering the test. It REALLY was NOT that bad.)
Nicki C.
00:42 20 Jul 20
Facility was clean, neat & organized, staff was friendly, knowledgeable & professional. I gave only 4 stars because my appt time was 6:40 & I didn’t get called in from my car until 7:15. I realize it could have been much worse. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back if I needed their skills.
Mary V.
02:14 18 Sep 20
I wanted to give a better review. I have had good luck with the way they treat my children.My story is a bit different.The NP caring for me noticed my right ear was red, although it didn't hurt at the time. I was given a prescription for something else, and it was not called into my pharmacy, delaying that by over 24 hours.I had to go back into the clinic today due to the phones not being picked up, and the front desk was about as unhelpful as one could be. I asked first to have the prescription called in since I never got it, I then asked if the same NP was there that saw me, and if he could call something in for the ear he looked at, as it now hurts.She was very rude and said they had several providers and not sure if he was even there. I could see him standing in the back, she never even checked my file to see who cared for me. After going and talking to him, she told me that I would have to make another appointment for the same exact issue he pointed out to ME yesterday.After telling me they were completely booked for the day and unable to see me, I just left.I will not be visiting another community med or taking my family into one until I can get some clarity on this.A patient in pain was turned away after my insurance paid for my visit yesterday. I was not presenting any new symptoms or anything he had already not seen and acknowledged. The only reason I can imagine needing to see me again would be to bill my insurance company all over.I am disgusted with the rudeness of the staff, and it is unfortunate because this is the most convenient location for my family.2 stars only because some of the nurses are very nice and caring.
Billy P.
22:19 18 Nov 21
There is nothing urgent about this clinic. I have been here more than once and it’s the same experience each time. Even if you make an appointment you will have a 20-30 minute wait in your car. The medical staff is great but getting to them should not take so long.
Heather L.
16:22 10 Jun 21
I have never felt so disrespected at a medical facility. Had I not felt so bad I would have complained right then. 10/10 do NOT recommend
Kaylea V.
00:48 14 Nov 21
Just look at their website - it reads "Almost never wait!" After 2 hours of waiting in the car, I finally call for a status. I knew and expected to have to wait, but I wouldn't have guessed more than a 45 minute wait. Anyway the lady who answered said it can be 3 hour wait. She refused to acknowledge what the website reads. Why would you not give a courtesy "it can be a 3 hr wait" to allow a patient the opportunity to find alternative.? Then you answer the phone and get defense - hey Im just telling you what your own website reads, and to be more considerate of a person's time. Never again here
Christina E.
16:08 18 Sep 21
Checked in online before arriving around 5:30Arrived at the Clinic and proceeded to the Front desk and asked the lady could I see a DR. She asked what was wrong and told me I needed to follow the instructions outside. I promptly told her I’d already checked in and she verified that in her computer and told me that I would be called to wait in my vehicle. 3 hrs later I’m still here in the parking lot. Watching people go in and out and vehicles leave . No call no one looked outside. NOTHING. Horrible Service. Why would any one pay forThis type of service.. Someone dropped the ball big time. I wouldn’t recommend this clinic to my worse enemy. #horrible.
Thaddeus D.
14:56 02 Aug 21
I really loved this place, and they have wonderful staff however they promised to have results back within 48 hours and that they would rush the results for a surgery that I was having. Upon calling the lab, the specific test they ran does not have a rush, and takes 4-7 business days to do. After prepping for surgery for 4 days I had to cancel my appointment because they couldn't keep their promises. If they had been upfront I would have just gone elsewhere this time and used them next time. Sadly they lost a customer
Cookie M.
23:03 19 Nov 20

An Urgent Care Clinic In Cross Roads, TX
and Neighboring Communities

We care for citizens in area towns and nearby communities at Cross Roads Urgent Care Clinic. The clinic is operated by CommunityMed Family Urgent Care, which operates walk-in clinics in growing communities throughout North Texas. The clinic opened in August 2018 to serve residents in the area. Our highly trained team members provide quality urgent care every day for anyone who comes in with injuries that aren’t life threatening and illnesses like colds and flu.

Our goal every day to deliver quality medical care for each individual. We treat every patient as though they were our own family members. The clinic is open late and on weekends for your convenience. Also, we strive to keep wait times to a minimum. We believe that getting health care when you need should be easy and convenient.

Cross Road Urgent Care Clinic is considered in-network for most major insurance providers. This includes both Medicare and Tricare. For your convenience, we also provide cash-pay options.

You will be seen quickly by friendly, highly trained medical professionals. When you have a minor injury or illness, we’re more convenient and affordable than heading to an emergency room.

Common services we provide include:

  • X-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Strep tests
  • Flu tests
  • TB tests
  • STD tests
  • Drug tests
  • Allergy treatments
  • DOT Physicals

When you have an injury and illness that requires immediate treatment, turn to Cross Roads Urgent Care (CommunityMed) for efficient quality care. Our staff will take time to answer any questions that you may have. When you turn to Cross Roads, you get the immediate attention and medical care you need.

Cross Roads Urgent Care offers the best urgent healthcare services in North Texas. You’ll be greeted and cared for by efficient, friendly staff. Operated by CommunityMed Urgent Care, the clinic is locally owned and operated. When you need urgent care quickly, come into our walk-in clinic. We pride ourselves on providing quality care for the communities we are involved in.

Do urgent care clinics take my insurance?

We take most major insurance carriers, including Medicare and Tricare. If you are unsure about your insurance, please call your insurance provider and ask whether we are considered “in network.” Your co-pay will depend on your health insurance plan and whether an urgent care clinic is part of your insurance provider’s network. There are insurance plans that we are not in-network with but do accept and bill. If you have questions, call number on back of insurance card.

How long is your wait time?

While wait times depend on each clinic, our average visit time for patients is less than an hour, including the wait. We also allow you to check in online and complete your paperwork prior to arrival, which can reduce or eliminate your wait time.

How is urgent care different from emergency room care?

Emergency room visits are significantly more expensive than a visit to an urgent care clinic. The average ER visit in 2017 cost $1,389. That compares to roughly $100 to $250 for urgent care clinics. Go to urgent care clinics when you need medical treatment and aren’t in immediate danger, like if you had a sprain or think you have the flu. However, if you fear for your life or if you suspect you’ve had a life-threatening event like a heart attack or stroke, head to the emergency room.

Do I need an appointment for urgent care?

We welcome walk-ins and no appointments are needed. However, scheduling online allows you to secure a spot in the queue, and you can provide necessary information before visiting the clinic.

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COVID Testing

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Urgent Care Services

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