CommunityMed Urgent Care offers the best urgent care service for North Texas areas! Open late and weekends. In Network with most major insurances!

Why Choose CommunityMed?

We are much cheaper than an Emergency Room!

An Emergency Room visit can cost $150-$500 just in co-pay. It is also likely that you will incur additional charges as part of your deductible. Many times the ER doctor, the facility, or BOTH are not in network.

Choose CommunityMed Urgent Care Today. Our average co-pay is $40, and often covers all of the patient responsibility for the visit. We are up to ten times less expensive than the ER.

There is Little to No Wait

Be seen right away! Our average visit time (including wait time) is 30 minutes or less! When you’re not feeling well or injured, you don’t want to wait. With our easy, online check-in and our quick registration process, our team gets you in with little to no wait! Once you are in our treatment room, we will care for you, treat your ailment and get you to feeling better – fast!

We are Open Late and on the Weekends

Getting into see your Primary Care Physician unplanned can be difficult, especially on weekends. Our clinics are open late (until 8pm) and on the weekends. Need to go to an Urgent Care after school or work? No problem! There is no appointment needed, because walk-ins are welcome.  At CommunityMed, if you are sick today, you can be seen today!

We are Affordable

Our cost is the same or slightly higher than your regular doctor. We accept most major insurances – including Tricare and Medicare! We also offer a Cash-Pay option as well. You will not be spending much more than if you went to your PCP. However, you will be saving lots of time and stress of waiting for your next appointment.

We are your neighbor

At CommunityMed, we are here to serve you. There are multiple CommunityMed Clinics in the North Texas area! We choose to open new locations in areas that we can grow roots and be a part of the community around us. We live, play and work in the cities our clinics are in. Visit us today and let us care for you. We are conveniently located in your neighborhood.