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Great urgent care center. They have excellent processes and procedures, and I appreciated being able to receive my electronic health record as a new patient right after leaving, where I saw the clinical notes taken, the details of the diagnoses, and there was helpful instructional information it provided electronically as well. Excellent timely urgent care in the neighborhood--what's better than that?
Elizabeth D.
23:04 24 Jan 23
My family and I have come to this location several times over the past two years and have always had a great experience. The providers are caring, helpful, and efficient. The registration and check in processes are quick and easy, and I like that you get to wait in your car instead of in a waiting room. Sometimes the wait is long, like with any urgent care, but it’s always worth it. Give them a try!
Patricia S.
19:54 05 Jan 23
The appointment was made for my husband. Afterward, he called and absolutely raved to me about his experience there. Excellent attitudes, very helpful and kind, and had him in and out with a prescription within a few minutes. Amazing Job!
Christen M.
22:03 29 Dec 22
My 11 month old is sick and I grabbed the very last appointment before closing time. They took care of my baby like we were the 1st patients in for the day. So appreciative to the staff that stayed late to help me and my little girl.
Danielle R.
04:42 20 Nov 22
This is the place I trust with my whole family. I appreciate being able to always be seen and treated when my children are sick or when I am. These doctors and nurses are so very knowledgeable and empathetic to patients, young and old. Thank you so much for helping my family when we are ill.
Gretchen D.
19:41 15 Nov 22
Wow, I can’t begin to explain how great I was treated today. I will forever recommend coming here. They were efficient, kind, understanding and so great with my daughter. Front desk receptionist Veronica and nurse I forgot his name maybe Scott? But such great bedside manner, I mean so kind and patient!! Thank you
Andrea P.
04:09 04 Nov 22
Wonderful experience at Melissa location off highway 5. I was feeling awful and lightheaded so the tech I think her name was Stacy took me back to a room immediately and got me triaged. The provider Levi was quick and precise! I got my results in under a hour and Stacy even gave me a call making sure I received my results and work note! By the time I left the clinic and got to pharmacy , my medicine was already called in!
Crystal K.
23:43 13 May 22
Very nice office! Very little wait time. The NP's are very knowledgeable and took time to explain my Medical needs. All the office staff were just Awesome. A big Thank You Community Med.
Teresa S.
18:07 25 Apr 22
Staff is superior. They were so kind and helpful. About a half hour wait, but they moved quick. Dr. O'Neill was amazing!
Alissa H.
00:54 26 Feb 22
All Persons Nice Super fast check-in on your Phone . Office and medical staff takes time to answers all questions, but got me in & out so I can get back to meetings w/ little to no downtime. All results sent to my mobile for super convenient access. Great team and process
Lakhwinder S.
17:42 11 Jan 22
Super fast check-in, all from my device. Office and medical staff takes time to answers all questions, but got me in & out so I can get back to meetings w/ little to no downtime. All results sent to my mobile for super convenient access. Great team and process!
shelby D.
21:56 09 Nov 21
My daughter came in for stitches from an accident at school. The staff was super friendly very kind and helpful. They put her at ease and made the scary experience easy for my daughter. They swiftly took her back and had her taken care of. Thank you very much!
Courtney M.
01:42 05 Oct 21
I was so appreciative today when one of my daughters had an accident at school and broke two fingers. What could’ve been an awful experience for her turned out to be memorable bc of the care and kindness shown towards her. They read that she would be fine to discuss what they were planning on doing and allowed her to focus through the pain, but didn’t make it scary for her. That was paramount in my opinion. While she isn’t feeling the best, she felt much happier when we left. Thank you for always taking great care of my family. You’re always out first stop.
Nikia F.
23:17 03 Sep 21
Our experience here was so amazing. This was our first time going. From the front desk to checkout, everyone was helpful, attentive and very pleasant. The Doctor, Jennifer Effler, was great with my daughter. Her bedside manner made us feel at ease and comfortable and she took her time to talk with me. I would 100% recommend going here.
Ashlie R.
17:12 09 Jul 21
Today was my 2nd visit to CommunityMed Family Urgent Care. I made an appointment this time and didn't have to wait at all.I met with a very knowledgeable PA who quickly diagnosed me, provided a treatment plan and advised that they'll call if the cultures come back showing that a different course of treatment would benefit me.From beginning to end it was a great appointment. I will not hesitate to return in the future.
Nancy Susan G.
21:50 09 Jun 21
Staff nice, kind, and caring. Front desk helpful. Smoothie check in process.Crystal, med asst, helpful and received follow up call to ensure RX was received. Thank you!!Val the NP pleasant and caring.
Margaret S.
03:42 05 Jun 21
This place has honestly been so great. Check-in online is easy and user friendly. Mobile app and website work equally well. Staff are smart and attentive and work efficiently. Started coming here during COVID, for myself actually, needed a quick swab for work and had such a good experience I send anyone looking for swabs their way! Feels clean and safe inside, they definitely have there processes down and they work. Needed a quick xray for my son and they had us in and out in a boot with crutches in about an hour. Quick and easy and way cheaper and less stressful than the ED. Keep it up! Love having this place in the neighborhood!
Seth B.
02:38 18 Mar 21
Great experience! I scheduled an appointment for both my toddler and I. Since I scheduled the appointments very close together I was able to stay in 1 room while my daughter and I were both seen. The staff was great and were able to make my toddler feel more comfortable while the exam was being done even though she wasn’t feeling well. I feel like the staff listened to my concerns and I did not feel rushed.
Cheyenne M.
03:31 12 Mar 21
Wonderful urgent care! Fast and to the point!!! Thanks for taking care of my “baby” boy. With time I know he will feel amazing ! The doctor was amazing
Rachel H.
19:18 01 Mar 21
Great experience and efficient. Friendly staff and provider. From checking in online, waiting in car to exam room and checking out was smooth process.
Karina C.
18:04 23 Feb 21
The staff was so amazing..... very attentive caring and funny! In and out experience would recommend very highly 👍❤️
Jessica G.
01:37 23 Feb 21
Everyone was so welcoming and friendly! I called close to closing and they were more than happy to wait on me. I was in and out, X-rays and all, in under 45 minutes. They are handling Covid protocol great as well. The check in process in the parking it was set up great and very user friendly! I would highly recommend them!
Bailey J.
01:47 21 Feb 21
Jenny Slater, ENP was amazing. She was compassionate and listened and helped make our bad day so much better. Thank you for caring.Easy process. Registration and paperwork all done online before appt. Had about a 30 minute wait but the wait was in our car, not in a waiting room which was nice. Staff was quick, knowledgeable and professional. Overall, a pretty good experience.
Kimberly R.
18:24 08 Feb 21
I’ve been here a few times and have always received great care. My son got a gash on his chin. I called them and told me to bring him inside when I arrived. They were super fast and saw him right away. They were caring and brought us back and didn’t have us waiting very long. I appreciated that they understood the importance and got him stitched up quickly. Thanks to all the staff!!
Danielle J.
20:58 05 Feb 21
The staff was really nice and super fast getting us seen! Meg the NP was wonderful! She answered all my questions and didn’t rush through the appt. We have been here a few times and every time we go we have a good experience!
Kristin C.
13:18 01 Feb 21
I recently went to this location in Melissa and the staff was very friendly and understanding. I had a great experience today! They made sure to spend the time to figure out what was going on, which is something you don’t get very often!
Brittany B.
01:18 17 Dec 20
Meg the NP was amazing tonight in suturing up my kiddos noggin. We come here a lot for our urgent care needs and she has been the best! We will continue to visit this site!
Lauren T.
01:28 09 Dec 20
My family and I have been going to community med in Melissa for over 4 years. They are hands down the best clinic I have ever been to. The staff is exceptional. I am impressed with how they have handled our care from simple stuff like strep tests and flu shots to urgent care needs like the time they have my daughter stitches from a bike fall. This clinic always seems to get us in quickly and take care of our every need. I cannot recommend them enough!
Allison N.
20:46 10 Oct 20
Fast ,Friendly and clean!
Danielle R.
21:17 17 Sep 20
The entire staff there is AMAZING! I made an appointment online and filled out paperwork before our appointment, when we got there all we had to do is text and let them know we had arrived. They got us in right away, the visit was quick, but very thorough. We feel so blessed to have them just down the street from us for the times we have needed them the most. My family and I are so grateful for their passionate, caring, phenomenal, and professional staff! The Urgent Care in Melissa is the best we have ever been to, as well as any other clinics like it! They go above and beyond for the well-being and health of their patients!
Laura B.
23:58 12 Sep 20
The safety measures taken to ensure patient and staff protection was excellent. The appointment process was easy with very little wait time. All the staff members I interacted with were professional and friendly. Facility is clean and orderly. I will recommend this clinic to others.
david K.
18:05 14 Aug 20
They are really nice people and are fairly quick at getting you in to be seen. There staff is amazing. The hardest part however is getting an appointment. Yes COVID provides some difficulty but there automated system stinks. Luckily there staff recognized the issue and called me to verify my appointment and get me checked in. Would revisit again if I had any issues.
benjamin M.
21:42 13 Dec 20
Easy process. Registration and paperwork all done online before appt. Had about a 30 minute wait but the wait was in our car, not in a waiting room which was nice. Staff was quick, knowledgeable and professional. Overall, a pretty good experience.
Kimberly R.
19:44 15 Sep 20
Where is the customer services gone to? I can't tell you how it is to sit and register to check in and sit in your car and wait for someone to call you. Good customer service is you can walk in the clinic, give them your insurance card and the rest is taking care of. You can still walk in with a mask, go to the front desk, check in and wait to be seen. Now it is a pain to do all this on line before you can walk in the clinic especially when you are not feeling well 😕
Myriame D.
13:24 06 Jun 22
Have used these folks a few times in the past with good experience. Not this time.After arriving, I called and let them know I was outside and proceeded to be unduly harassed about the bar code poster in front of me and to scan it. I had no idea what she was talking about and although I could see them, I had no clue what she wanted me to do. I was talked like a 5 yr old and just wanted to get in there and get the pain stopped. I was the only one in the parking lot and when she insisted on telling me about the 4 corners of the bar code, I exploded and told her I ws 68 yrs old and didn't give a damn about her bar code, she finally told me to just come inside. I walked into a completely empty reception area and 3 employees behind the desk just chilling. I guess I was good entertainment for a short bit. I was furious but said nothing as I did not want my visit purposely lengthened or thwarted. Who knows what people are capable of anymore, these 3 already showed where they stood when it came to customer service. The rest of the visit went fine, but after that initial handling of a patient in pain, no, I will not be back. There are too many of these places opening up now, I want to take my business and my money to a place that wants to ease the pain, not make it worse.
Kate H.
17:23 20 Jun 21
This place was great and has headed downward quickly. The provider was extremely kind, the nurse that came out front to talk to me was rude and abrasive asking if I wanted symptom care but if I wanted Paxlovid for Covid to go somewhere else because they “don’t believe in it and the doctor that oversees the office won’t allow prescriptions.” I didn’t know what I needed just that I was extremely sick then to have this woman yelling at me in a waiting room asking if I want help or not but only if I picked symptom care. I ended up in the hospital, severely ill which could have been prevented with better and adequate treatment. Their solution to everything is “bromfed or cough pearls and zofran.” At least that’s been our family’s experience on multiple occasions.
Kristen R.
20:58 01 Nov 22
Not impressed at all. I recommend you take your sick children elsewhere. Super disappointed because the provider was very personable on the first visit, but what she told us and what the test results were apparently did not match up. Also their weekend office staff leave quite a bit to be desired. During the week the receptionist goes above and beyond, the weekend one can't wait to get you back in the parking lot so she can do as little as possible to help out. No thank you, not when it comes to my kids. I will happily go elsewhere.
Amanda W.
19:16 07 Aug 22
They did something with my insurance wrong and had me overpay them by $170 in February. I called them to inquire about it in March and they assured me that refund checks get processed at the end of the month. I never received anything so I called back in May, and was told that they cut me a check but the post office must have lost it. I was assured they would do a stop payment and cut a new check (the girl insisted I wasn't the first to call about missing my check, so she made it seem like she was working on a batch of them.) It's the middle of July and I still haven't seen my money. It's extra frustrating because if I had owed them money in February and not paid it, it would probably have been reported to my credit by now.
03:45 14 Jul 22
Used to be satisfied with this locationuntil they changed their check-in online policy. How come do they make people waiting in their cars for 20 minutes, even 45 minutes till called in? They should do something to make it more convenient for people
Trisha P
17:36 27 Jun 22
Don’t come here unless you want to interact with ghetto employees that hate their own existence and try to expel it on sick people that come to check in. I’ve never had worse customer service in my entire life. The receptionist and her “side kick” both mocked and laughed at me for not knowing my copay amount, when I just got the card a few days before. The people actually doing the medical work are kind and intelligent. Not the minimum wage “urban” workers. Stay far away.
Quaid W.
19:51 12 Jan 22
The receptionist I just talked to at the Melissa highway 5 location is definitely something else. Probably shouldn't be working with the public, I asked if they did rapid covid testing, all she said was yes, then I asked if they had an appointment available for today, all she said was no, then went silent. So I asked so when do you have an appointment available, she says I have no idea, you can look online and figure it out yourself. What kind of customer service is that? I'll definitely not be going here ever.
jaren C.
15:37 04 Jan 22
Brought my son here to be evaluated for pain. We were advised to go Children's for further evaluation due to symptoms. Even after paying my copay, we couldn't get any paperwork nor did they call report to Children's Hospital to let them know we were advised to come here. I literally gave them money to do nothing. This is definitely poor service. I'm not sure what has changed but it is not what it used to be. It's more about the money than the care of the patient. You think they could have least called report since they couldn't give anything in writing so that facility would be prepared which would have helped us not to be sitting as long. It's called courtesy. I work in healthcare, we do this all the time. If I had know they couldn't do imaging, I wouldn't have gone at all especially knowing they didn't care enough to assist us.
Ms L.
08:20 19 Nov 21
The staff that I came into contact with were not friendly and welcoming. I came in to have a drug screen for my new job. The receptionist did not greet me but angrily told me to go to my car and fill out paperwork. There was no verbal instruction on the procedure once I was back in the room. The medical assistant took out the urine cup and two other containers as she told me that she was going to walk to the bathroom. I waited in the room and set my belongings in a chair. Suddenly I heard her yelling down the hall “ Sir, Sir are you coming?? I’m not going to pee in this cup for you!!! As I walked by I noticed a female sitting behind the nursing desk rolling her eyes. I have never been made to feel so humiliated and disrespected from medical staff. This was not acceptable and is very poor customer service.
Brian B.
00:51 28 Apr 21
Brought my daughter in for a leg x-ray, was concerned for a break in her left leg. She was not able to put weight on her left leg at all. We saw a very sweet and helpful PA (cannot remember her name) who looked at the x-rays and was questioning whether or not she saw a possible buckle fracture. She showed me the area of concern and I could see the bulging. She advised that we wait for Radiologist's report. The radiologist found NO fracture. We were told to wait a few days and if she didn't improve to follow up with an orthopedic. The next morning my daughter still couldn't put any weight on her leg, and I just felt that something was wrong so instead of waiting I took her to Scottish Rite that same day. They identified the buckle fracture and she is now in a leg immobilizer for 3-4 weeks. Kudos to the PA that identified the break. The Radiologist, who is highly trained to look at x-rays missed it! Unacceptable. Reason for 1 star is because of the PA, who without her I wouldn't have second guessed the radiologist and took her in for second opinion.
20:50 29 Jan 21

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CommunityMed Urgent Care is proud to serve the community of Melissa, Texas, and surrounding cities by providing quality urgent care for virtually all non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. Our primary goal is to deliver expert medical care and to treat each patient as if they were a member of our own family. We are proud to offer night and weekend availability as well as short wait times, making it easier than you could have ever imagined to get the care you need, exactly when you need it!

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What is urgent care?

Urgent care centers allow people to receive same-day medical care quickly through online check-ins with little to no wait. They can address minor ailments like viral and bacterial infections, lacerations, sprains and broken bones for less money than a trip to the emergency room.

How long is wait time at urgent care clinics?

The Urgent Care Association of America reports that 92% of patients experience wait times of 30 minutes or less. You can check in online and fill out our paperwork virtually to further reduce your wait time at our clinics.

How is urgent care different from emergency room care?

Texas requires all emergency rooms to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while urgent care clinics are allowed to set their own hours. Urgent care visits are less expensive on average and are appropriate if you have an ailment that isn’t immediately life-threatening. It’s best to seek urgent care for broken bones, allergies, cuts, flu and other minor sicknesses. Go to an emergency room if you experience things like trauma, seizures, heart attacks or severe pain.

Do urgent care clinics accept my insurance?

If you are unsure if an urgent care clinic accepts your insurance, confirm with your insurance provider by giving the number on the back of your insurance card a call. Confirm whether your carrier considers the clinic to be in network or out of network. CommunityMed is in network with Tricare, Medicare and plans from most large insurers.

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