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Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Henrietta, Electra, Iowa Park, Holliday, Lakeside City, Archer City and Bowie. We serve the area towns, including those in Southern Oklahoma. We are located off of the Northeast corner of Kemp and Midwestern Parkway, next to Jimmy John’s.

Almost never a wait!
In-Network with many major Insurances – including Medicare and Tricare!


It was a friendly atmosphere an everyone was very nice. I appreciate each and every one for their help in my time of need. I would recommend your facility to anyone in need of medical assistance. Again thank you.
Doc C.
22:32 18 Oct 21
The office was clean and professionalThe care giver was clear and positive in her handling of all my concernsBetter than I could have had anywhere elseThank you
john A.
21:45 02 Oct 21
New in town and contracted bronchitis. I was able to walk in and only waited 5 minutes! The entire staff was awesome! Can't thank them enough!
Coy B.
14:55 29 Jun 21
I knew so little about this place before today that I didn't even know it was there. I was in quick need of getting my child to a Dr and saw this place had great ratings which I was skeptical of but tried it anyways. Come to find out that the bedside manner of Navi with my child and the politeness of the rest of the staff fully deserve all 5 stars if not more. While waiting for the appt my child needed to use the restroom and they let us come in to use their facilities without hesitation before they were ready to call us in the building 👏
Justin G.
03:25 21 Jun 21
Recently retired from the military and needed medications refilled but could not get anyone at my previous base on the phone to transfer meds. Got in to see the urgent care clinic in approximately 5 minutes from the time I pulled up. The staff is extremely friendly and Aubrey, the Nurse Practitioner, was not only friendly but very thorough in her evaluation of me. I was able to get my med prescription while waiting to see a provider on base. Great service and care!
Brandon O.
20:00 19 Jun 21
I came in yesterday to be seen and the PA was open and honest with me and felt with my medical history , I would be better served at the ER since I could not be seen on base . I appreciated that very much. I did go to the ER and after imaging and bloodwork, my heart is fine and I was diagnosed with pleurisy and bronchitis. Thanks for your integrity, honesty and professionalism. I will definitely recommend this clinic and send my family here. Thanks again ladies. Have a great day!
Johna L.
03:45 26 May 21
The staff was very nice. We were on vacation and passing through, got in and out quickly. Felt very taken care of. Highly recommend. NP was awesome
Chelsey S.
04:20 22 May 21
I had the most interesting moment at the Urgent Care, the ladies were very caring, and most caring. I mean they took very good care of me. I love the care that Jana the Physician Assistant is very caring.
Carnell C.
21:52 30 Apr 21
First time going here! Absolutely amazing experience! We were walk ins. We were taken back immediately and the longest part of the visit was filling out the paper work for my child and I. Tests were ran quickly and the NP came in right after. Amazing and friendly staff. Thank you so much for an awesome and quick experience!❤️
A M.
19:29 28 Apr 21
We’ve been to Community Med quite a few times so much they remember us! We love the convenience of making an appointment online, filling out the paperwork online and getting in and out with ease! All the nurses and providers have always been amazing!
Tara B
03:05 06 Mar 21
Absolutely loved my experience! I’ve visited several urgent cares and this one was by far the best. I checked in and was seen and out within 25 minutes. The price for service with no insurance was also very competitive and comparable to other urgent care prices. Will definitely be going back!
Lauren C.
02:07 06 Mar 21
Today was my first time using them. I set an appointment time online and filled out all the forms needed online including sending my insurance information was simple and easy. Also I was in and out before my appointment time. Super friendly staff! Have been back several times before and always have gotten the best care!
Jeffery T.
02:05 26 Feb 21
I love my experience at the Community Med Family Urgent Care. They serve veterans and the staff is AMAZING. There wasn't a waiting time and they took great care of me and my needs. The staff is very personable. Thank you soo much. High praises to the Health care workers in that facility. GOD BLESS THEM and me for sending me there.
Lenora H.
22:18 22 Feb 21
I love this place! This is the second time I've came here and the Dr seemed to have remembered who I was. He explained my symptoms and made me feel at ease. Being pregnant, any little symptom can be very alarming. He reassured me and asked if I had any further questions, very patient. The staff is very friendly!
Deanna De La P.
04:56 12 Feb 21
Everyone was very nice and professional. I felt well taken care of. They promptly got me in and all the instructions for checking in were clearly laid out.
Morgan K.
00:55 03 Feb 21
Tha staff was nice and the Dr. was wonderful. And honestly wasnt nearly as expensive as I thought it would be considering I dont have insurance. Dr. was very informative and knowledgeable and even printed out coupons for me for my medicine. Will definitely be going back.
15:01 31 Jan 21
Had to take my kiddo to be tested for covid for school and the staff was amazing! I realize a covid test is not an urgent care matter but needed her results quick and they can do that. The receptionist was so kind even though her phone was ringing off the hook and the nurses and provider were very sweet! Can not imagine what they go through everyday seeing so many people but they are doing a great job. We did have a bit of a wait but I imagine part of that is due to people not following directions. While we were waiting, there were a handful of folks that would just pull up and walk in, ignoring the big sign that says not to do that!We've been there a few times before covid and were in and out but after all, there is a pandemic going on.....We will definitely be back!
Samantha D.
01:20 06 Jan 21
Thank you to the staff for taking good care of me. Everyone was efficient and the PA listened to my concerns. You all are appreciated!!
21:30 14 Oct 20
Very good medical
Leslie G.
20:56 13 Sep 20
I love this place! Fast and convenient and all of the staff is over the top professionals! They make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Highly recommend!
Stacey G.
02:52 01 Sep 20
In and out very professional
Joshua M.
02:14 28 Aug 20
Everyone from the receptionist, nurses and the NP's are ALWAYS so kind, courteous and extremely helpful. Jane V is our absolute favorite, she spends the time to get to know you, answer your questions, and helps put you at ease. She sincerely cares for her patients, never making you feel rushed to leave. I am so happy Wichita Falls offers such a great clinic, we will never go anywhere else!!
Monica L
02:27 14 Aug 20
I went in for a rapid response covid test 3 hrs ago and still don't have my results they said it would take 15 to 20 min and I need the results for a run I'm doing. Hope they get in soon or I can't compete in the event I paid for.
Jarrell L.
19:11 02 Oct 21
The larger Hispanic woman working the front desk was one of the rudest people I’ve come across in any healthcare facility within the Wichita Falls area. I have personally never had to deal with someone so hateful for absolutely no reason. She should really find a different job where she doesn’t have to speak to other human beings and try to ruin their day.
Juan M.
18:51 02 Feb 21
I had the most interesting moment at the Urgent Care, the ladies were very caring, and most caring. I mean they took very good care of me. I love the care that Jana the Physician Assistant is very caring. Today is August 21,2021 not feeling good aching in shoulder. I couldn't Scan bar code, I use the restroom and took a seat in the waiting area front desk call me ma'am you Don't address me name, you know who you interact and my name, please don't address me by that only my name. Very Slow. Unhappy with the service Today. Sitting in your call till they decide to call you
Carnell C.
15:11 21 Aug 21
Location has extremely slow service and uses the “text when arrived” method of service. I showed up 10 minutes prior to appointment and was run through the same questions I already submitted to the location via online appointment booking through their website. I waiting for 20 mins and still was not called in. Finally called the office to check the status of the wait to which the receptionist said they had only received the arrival info 5 mins ago and implied I was lying about the wait time. Then I was told that they could not read my TB skin test because of policy. I attempted to confirm with a supervisor and was handed off the practitioner, Josh West, who was incredibly arrogant, rude and condescending. Never have I experienced such unprofessional behavior from a medical “professional”. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Sam C.
16:25 28 Nov 20

An Urgent Care Clinic in Wichita Falls, TX
and Neighboring Communities

When people in the area need healthcare services, they come to Wichita Falls Family Urgent Care. Our clinic’s parent company, CommunityMed Family Urgent Care, is dedicated to providing service through the North Texas area so they operate walk-in clinics throughout the region. Every patient is evaluated and treated by highly qualified medical personnel.

At Wichita Falls Family Urgent Care, our goal is for anyone who need medical attention to get as soon as they need it. Our staff tend to every patient with the same care that they would give their own family members. Also, we stay open late and are available on weekends because we know that accidents and ailments occur at the least expected times. We’ll work to get you seen as soon as possible because we know that you don’t feel well. Our central belief is that quality healthcare should be convenient and accessible when you need it.

Wichita Falls Family Urgent Care is in-network with most insurance providers. We also accept Tricare and Medicare. Cash pay options are also available.

Soon after you check in, friendly healthcare professionals will access your illness or injury and create a treatment plan. You’ll find that in most situations, the clinic is more efficient and affordable than a trip to the emergency room.

Common services we provide include:

  • X-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Strep tests
  • Flu tests
  • TB tests
  • STD tests
  • Drug tests
  • Allergy treatments

When you need medical care quickly, visit the Wichita Falls Family Urgent Care. As staff evaluated your situation, they can also answer any questions you have about the illness or the prescribed treatment process. They are always ready to help.

For the best in urgent healthcare, visit Wichita Falls Family Urgent Care. You’ll experience the quality care are staff is dedicated to providing. We are a locally owned and operated urgent care clinic. We are also part of a larger network throughout the North Texas region through our parent company, CommunityMed Urgent Care. When you need medical care quickly, think Wichita Falls Family Urgent Care.


Do you take my insurance?

It’s highly likely, as we accept Medicare, Tricare and the majority of the major insurance carriers. Call your insurance provider if you have questions to confirm that we are in network so your co-pay is what you expect it to be. If we are out of network, we can still provide care but your bill will likely be higher than your normal co-pay.

How are urgent care clinics different from ERs?

ERs have medical professionals trained for emergency medicine that are able to treat immediate life-threatening situations like when a person has a heart attack, seizure, stroke or overdose. Urgent care clinics are perfect places to get minor ailments treated, things like cuts, sprains, allergies, infections and viruses. Urgent care clinics treat acute conditions, and are more than $1,000 cheaper on average than ER visits in 2017.

How long is your wait time?

Wait times fluctuate, but you can usually expect to be in the clinic for less than an hour. You could be in there even less if you nab your spot in line before coming to clinic and provide patient information online.

Do I need to schedule an appointment in advance?

Urgent care clinics can see you the same day and accept walk-ins, so you do not need to schedule in advance. For ease and convenience, we suggest you get in line virtually through our online scheduling portal.

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Urgent Care Services

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