IV Therapy

Illness got the best of you? Not for long! Same-day IV Treatment is available to you every day!

Illness has you dehydrated? CommunityMed offers IV Therapy to fight fatigue and dehydration quickly!

CommunityMed Family Urgent Care offers a comfortable, walk-in environment in the care of medical professionals who can treat your illness and dehydration safely, and properly with IV Therapy. Our IV therapy is for patients ages 12 and up. Whether your dehydration is a result of illness or too much sun, we know you don’t want to wait to feel better. Waiting days to get into your PCP is a terrible option (especially, when most do not offer IV therapy). CommunityMed has same-day time slots available each day of the week! Our licensed clinics provide comfortable rooms with IV Chairs that give you a relaxing space to spend the hour or so it typically takes IV Infusion Hydration Therapy to do its job.

All the time, you’re in the hands of licensed healthcare professionals you can trust to administer and monitor the treatment suitable for your condition. All of our locations offer this comfortable and professional IV Treatment for most cases of dehydration, and the fatigue that can accompany it.

We can also offer a Vitamin B12 injection if this is deemed appropriate.

For those with in-network insurance, we will be able to bill your insurance plan if your treatment requires IV therapy. We also offer a convenient cash-pay option for those without insurance. Walk-ins are always welcome in our urgent care facilities, and our hours are made to fit your convenience, extending into evenings and weekends.

IV Therapy
Dehydration Symptoms

What is Dehydration?
Dehydration is a common occurrence from many causes and needs to be reversed or it can cause harm to the body. It happens when the body loses more fluid than it takes in, and this can occur due to a number of causes, including:

  • Exercise or work outdoors in the heat (very common in Texas).
  • Active sports without drinking enough fluids.
  • An illness such as flu or with fever symptoms – any minor or common illness is usually a time to be sure to drink plenty of fluids.
  • Diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Any consuming activity where you simply didn’t replace lost fluid (crazy weekend, family emergency, work overtime marathon).
  • Fatigue or drowsiness that may be caused by dehydration.

Dehydration Symptoms
Dehydration symptoms often don’t present themselves until after the body has become dehydrated. Many people don’t realize they’re dehydrated. Symptoms commonly include cramps and fatigue, but can easily turn worse when you overdo things without fluids. In the extreme, severe dehydration can cause heat exhaustion or even heatstroke, seizures, kidney damage or lowered blood volume (potentially life-threatening).

It’s important to learn about what the body needs and to learn the conditions that can diminish body fluids in yourself and others, even if the dehydrating effect is not obvious. Take it from medical professionals – prevention is always better than cure!

Fortunately, in most cases the cure for dehydration is straightforward, and IV Therapy that replaces lost body fluid in the most efficient way can help to put the pep back in your life!

All patients will be assessed by our experienced Medical Practitioners. A small number of patients will have conditions not suitable for outpatient IV Therapy; it is in the best interest of these patients that IV Therapy not be part of the medical treatment plan.