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Our Haslet location serves…

Haslet, Saginaw, Keller, Azle, Eagle Mountain, Roanoke, Justin, Trophy Club, Northlake, Watauga, Newark, Elizabethtown and surrounding areas. Haslet Family Urgent Care is located just off FM 156 (north of Avondale-Haslet Road). The clinic is across from Community Park beside Radiant Dental Care. 

Almost never a wait!
In-Network with many major Insurances – including Medicare and Tricare!


Staff is extremely friendly, and they will make sure you are well taken care of. They go above and beyond for their patients. I appreciate the convenient hours.
Jessica O.
01:00 28 Oct 21
Extremely professional and helpful as usual unfortunately have been a regular patient due to COPD and other issues. Although was very concerned as the front desk said something about a referral and co payment which I have never had in the past and have been coming to the clinic for years. I haven’t changed my insurance for several years so not sure why this was suddenly an issue.
Brandy S.
20:11 01 Oct 21
I got to go back pretty quickly even as a walk in. They had me in and out within an hour. Friendly staff and I was pleased with my visit. I don't live out here but I'd highly recommend
Maegan R.
23:42 07 Sep 21
Stopped at the location in Haslet and they weren't taking walk-ins. The 2 women at the counter called they're other locations and found one that was doing walk-in. Got my daughter tested and out in less than an hour. Nice people here. I will be suggesting them for sure!
John R.
00:52 30 Aug 21
My experience was great. They were very informative. The nurse practitioner Clayton and medical assistant was very nice. The front office was very nice as well. I would definitely recommend this clinic.
Viney J.
00:59 08 Aug 21
Had an unfortunate event this weekend forcing me to visit this place again. I have been here a few times over the last three years. They have consistently provided great service to me and my family. Their COVID protocols are well thought out and followed.
Robert C.
00:04 12 Jul 21
The staff were friendly and efficient! This was my first time going here for a COVID test and the lobby and office were clean. I definitely will use CommunityMed again!
Chandler S.
13:33 24 Jun 21
I had a great experience at this facility! Wait time was less than 20 minutes, the front desk lady was extremely nice and helpful, the NP who saw me was very professional and knowledgeable, and last but not least, nobody forced me to wear a mask! Just for this I would give them 1000 stars in my review if I could! I will definitely come back to this urgent care should I need it in the future for me or for my family.
Elena Omerini (.
00:29 24 Jun 21
Definitely Awesome! If i can give it this clinic 1000 stars then i will , i am beyond satisfied!! Released my frustration today after ran around to another urgent care that awe full finally School Attendent worker referral this clinic and it is like what it say ... fast, nice staffs and friendly Doctor!! The important is no wait time!!! Thank you for today
Diane E.
02:34 27 May 21
The front office staff are pleasant and the facility is very clean. The PA-Cs have good bedside manner. I appreciate how attentive they were. I will visit this location again.
Felicia D W.
01:28 23 May 21
Absolutely would go back here. The staff was amazing and professional. They got me in and out and were as welcoming and friendly as they get.
Bryan S.
16:46 20 Apr 21
They are extremely helpful and very pleasant. We just moved here and found them online and the entire staff made the visit so much easier. I would recommend this urgent care to everyone.
Donns P.
17:30 30 Mar 21
I was able to make an apt within the hour. They also got me in pretty quickly and didn't have to wait in car for long. NP was quick, friendly and thorough. She listen to my symptoms/thoughts and then verified. In and out of office in less than 10 minutes.
Brandi M.
00:23 21 Feb 21
This was my first visit to CommunityMed. Haslet. I was very pleased with the staff and how I was welcomed when I arrived. My waiting was minimal and once called in, the staff diagnosed by illness and I was on my way home. When the opportunity arises, I will promote your Health office to my friends and neighbors. Well done and Thank you
Paul S.
01:53 11 Feb 21
Excellent experience! Very quick but also very thorough! The nurse was very gentle and explained each test as she performed them. The Dr. listened to my concerns and explained her answers in way that I understood. She asked if I had any questions. I felt really at easy. One of the best experiences that I have had at a Dr's office! I would highly recommend this Urgent Care center.
Teresa L.
19:07 08 Feb 21
The staff is super friendly! The facility was very clean and they saw me right away. They answered all my questions and explained anything I needed to know.
Susan B.
02:48 03 Feb 21
We've had to visit here 4 times during the pandemic, and they've gotten better each time. Although our first visit was somewhat painful (lots of paperwork and fairly clunky software), they've obviously paid attention and refined their processes dramatically. We still had to do some redundant paperwork, even as repeat customers, but the in-and-out was blazingly fast. Our last visit was less than 5 minutes (probably only 3) and we got our results within 15 minutes. Excellent service!
Bobby L.
16:50 02 Feb 21
I’ve been to Community med 3times in the last couple of months for COVID-19 test, their check-in method is quick and easy to set up an appointment. The staff is super friendly and very attentive. I like that they changed the result method to sending results via email, saves time and the can see more patients. Great job and I appreciate what you do on a daily basis.
Mike S.
18:24 01 Feb 21
I have personally used CM 4 times. Each visit has been exceptional end to end. We have also used CM when our employees need to be referred or when we need them to get COVID tested.One of the best urgent care facilities I have been too!
brandon P.
18:34 08 Dec 20
The staff was really nice. They got me in for my appointment quick. Everything went really smooth. It was a very good experience probably one of the best I've ever had at an Urgent care facility.
Lauren G.
21:22 06 Sep 20
I had tried to to make an appointment with my doctors office and they said they were booked for a month out and I expressed concern about having sore throat no fever but I probably should be tested for the COVID since a coworker came in this week saying she was exposed to the virus. This clinic said to go through the website and fill out the forms and I could be seen with an appointment today. It didn’t tAke long to my relief and I got the appointment time but apparently I goofed on the location so when my virtual time came up and I went inside I was informed of this and told that they would inform the correct location that I was on my way. Thank god when I got there they had not skipped over me and I got in right away and tested. Everyone was friendly and respectful and I would definitely recommend this place and the staff for taking care of the community effectively.
Sonya H.
03:28 06 Sep 20
I hate attending medical facilities in general, waiting inside a cold office, filling out forms, and touching things that sick people may have touched. It gives me the heeby jeeby’s. This facility had an amazing online sign up system, that I was able to fill out in the comfort of my own home. And when I arrived I replied to a text that I was there, and an actual person instantly responded. I was expecting a robotic auto reply. I was able to sit in the car, listening to the radio until they were ready for me, then I got another text to come on in. A few minutes later I had my issue addressed by an extremely professional staff, and I was back out the door. The entire team did an extremely excellent job!!
Raymond B.
21:00 04 Sep 20
Such an amazing staff and office! We went for a sports physical and it was quick and easy. Super friendly staff! Great NP, Front Office team, and nursing team!!!! I will go back and recommend to everyone. Thank you for an awesome experience today!
Shekia G
00:28 28 Aug 20
All around a great experience, the online check in was the only issue I had. Took a long time to fill out the online form, I lost my connection almost at the end and it hadn’t saved. Had to start all over again. But once I got checked in, everything went like clockwork.
Larry G.
14:09 02 Mar 21
Daniel Cawl was an excellent provider. Asked good questions, was patient, and made sure I understood my care plan.Front office staff needs to work on their kindness to patients. People come to urgent care because they are sick. Being spoken to rudely and without any empathy is ridiculous. Was displeased especially with my phone call with Kayla this morning. Probably won’t be back to this location.
Hannah R.
01:02 13 Oct 21
I want to specify. THIS REVIEW IS FOR THIS LOCATION ONLY! I was told they NEVER get a false positive vivid test... This is not possible as they can't grantee all tests to be 100% accurate. A home test same day came back negative. The lady behind the counter said it's a less accurate test. I'm going to get another test. I might indeed have Covid idk but to tell me they have never get it wrong... That's incredible
22:13 01 Oct 21
Very good place for minor medical. Perfect staff and medical provider. Online appointment, with same day as services. Short wait in reception are edit wrong diagnosis. Prostrate cancer diagnosed as bladder infection requiring 9 weeks of radiation
18:03 18 Jun 21
The NP I saw here was extremely condescending and did not listen to me in the least. I was only provided information I have already found on Google. I asked about being treated for something and was very rudely and abruptly informed they do not treat that here due to it being an urgent care setting, although I’ve been adequately treated for this in other urgent care settings, and the condition is listed on their website.
Jamie W.
01:05 01 Feb 21
Rude receptionist was out of line. I needed an appointment for my son non covid related. She kept saying use the online check in. I stated it wasn't working. Then she basically said I don't know what to tell you. I asked what the hell are you supposed to do to get seen by a doctor if your sick then? She said I DON'T KNOW then hung up. She seriously needs to get out of the health care business if this is how she treats sick people.
K S.
14:32 17 Dec 20
Came a little after 3pm, did the online check in; got a text that the time to be seen would be 7:30pm and would get a text 30 minutes before they were ready. I felt this was strange, so called the number to verify. The woman said this is correct (this must have been some type of answering service for the company just looking at a computer screen). Then left, since it would be 4 more hours, to then get a call 10 minutes later that they were ready!! So, I called that different number back to verify, was told to just come in when I got there (about 15 minutes later, which is how long I stated it would take to get back). Arrived, went in, to then be told I would have to get back in line and wait in the car for about 15 more minutes! Waited about 25 more minutes before being seen. All else was smooth from there, thank goodness.Clearly, their system has some major issues and needs to be addressed and fixed.
litl A.
21:16 20 Jul 20

An Urgent Care Clinic for Haslet, TX
and Neighboring Communities

At Haslet Family Urgent Care, we provide healthcare services to people in the area. To better serve the North Texas area, the clinic’s parent company, CommunityMed Family Urgent Care, operates walk-in clinics throughout the region. The Haslet Clinic opened in July 2017 to serve residents in the area. Every patient who comes in with injuries and illnesses that don’t present a life-threatening situation are seen by highly qualified team members.

Our goal is for every individual to have the quality medical care when they need it. Our team strives to treat each patient as though they were family members. Because accidents and illness happen when you least expect it, the clinic is open late at night and every weekend. As you already don’t feel well, we work hard to get you seen as quickly as possible. Our core belief is that health care should be available when you need and convenient to access.

Most big insurance providers include Haslet Family Urgent Care as an in-network healthcare provider – including Medicare and Tricare. Cash pay options are available for your convenience.

When you come in, friendly, qualified medical professionals will access your situation and prescribe treatment. For minor emergencies and illnesses, the clinic is more affordable and less hassle than being treated at the emergency room.

Common services we provide include:

  • X-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Strep tests
  • Flu tests
  • TB tests
  • STD tests
  • Drug tests
  • Allergy treatments
  • DOT Physicals

For injuries and illnesses that need medical attention quickly, come into Haslet Family Urgent Care. Staff assess your situation and can answer any questions that you have about the treatment process. At Haslet Family Urgent Care, we provide the immediate medical attention and treatment you need.

When you are looking for the best urgent healthcare provider in North Texas, come into Haslet Family Urgent Care. Our friendly and efficient staff are ready to care for you. The clinic is locally owned and operated by its parent company, CommunityMed Urgent Care. When you need to be seen quickly by a competent medical professional, visit our clinic. Our focus is to provide excellent healthcare for the communities we serve.

What is urgent care?

Urgent care provides quick, convenient and less expensive healthcare for acute conditions that are not immediately life-threatening. Urgent care clinics treat things like asthma, allergies, cuts, broken bones, infections, viruses like the flu and more.

How long is your wait time?

Wait times vary but usually patients spend no longer than an hour in the clinic, including wait time. We encourage patients to check in online and provide the necessary information electronically to reduce or eliminate wait time entirely.

Do I need to schedule an appointment prior to arriving?

Not at all. We welcome walk-ins, but encourage you to get in line by checking in online and completing the paperwork before you leave for the clinic. This can minimize your wait time and sometimes make it disappear altogether.

Does urgent care take my insurance?

There’s a good chance we do, as we are in network with plans from most major insurers, as well as Medicare and Tricare. To find out, the best thing to do is to call the number on the back of your insurance card. Be sure to ask if we are considered “in network” as well. The co-pay may change based on whether we are in network or out of network.

Comprehensive Treatments and Services

COVID Testing

COVID Testing

PCR Swab and Antibody Tests

Urgent Care Services

Urgent Care Services

Treating patients of all ages

School Physicals

School Physicals

For youth ages 12-18

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine

For large and small companies

DOT Physicals

DOT Physicals

At competitive rates