At this time, we are not treating Monkeypox. Please consider the closest Emergency Room if you believe you have contracted Monkeypox.

Melissa Hwy 121 Urgent Care &
COVID-19 Testing

Mon – Sat: 8am – 8pm | Sun: 12pm – 8pm

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Mon – Sat: 8am – 8pm
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Our Melissa Hwy 121 location serves…

Melissa, North McKinney, Anna, Bonham, Van Alstyne, Blue Ridge, Trenton, Sherman and many of the towns in North Collin County. Located across Hwy 121 from the CVS Pharmacy and next to Wingstop.

Almost never a wait!
In-Network with many major Insurances – including Medicare and Tricare!


First time user, also a veteran disabled and they used the VA medical system for payment without any question. Took me in immediately very polite, stitched my injury and was out within an hour which included x-ray job was wonderful treatment. Also returned and had stitches removed service was wonderful again.
Gary L.
16:27 23 May 22
Great staff....visit was fast and very professional.
Tinnie T.
18:39 24 Apr 22
They were able to see my family member right away. Wonderful people. The front desk person was super helpful and understanding. The practitioners knew what they were doing and were very helpful also. We would utilize this service again if needed.
Becky C.
14:43 16 Apr 22
We love CommunityMed!!! They are always so kind and today went above and beyond to see us on a very busy holiday. So thankful to have them in our community.
Ryan R.
22:47 31 Dec 21
First time in this location since they opened and they were awesome. Very timely, organized, and got us right in & out!
Taylor P.
17:45 18 Nov 21
Our experience yesterday was wonderful at this clinic. Little did the doctor know, I was looking through the eyes of a grandmother and a retired teacher and counselor as he was talking to my granddaughter. His presentation was wonderful. He made my granddaughter feel comfortable and engaged in the examination. He was fun, non-threatening and very professional. My granddaughter picks him as her new doctor!!! We definitely will be back the next time we aren’t feeling well!!!
Lynn L.
20:35 19 Oct 21
They were great! I had to come in as a walk in, but they were very quick to get me the paper work and get us in. They were also really quick to see us and run our tests without making me feel like they were trying to rush us out the door. The provider was really good with my kids as well and helping them feel as ease.
Kaitlyn A.
19:24 06 Oct 21
Great facility. Everyone was super nice and informative. So glad we have this facility in Melissa
Gail S.
21:13 01 Oct 21
Went in about 20 minutes before closing for my son. The staff was very welcoming even though we were walking in last minute. They were very friendly and helpful. The doctor was very informative and answered all our questions. We had a good experience and will use this location again.
Nicole H.
02:58 21 Sep 21
Dr Jim was very friendly and knew what was wrong with me immediately. Really appreciated how I was treated. Definitely wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. Staff very nice also
Peggy H.
21:44 20 Sep 21
Had a pulled muscle that made it difficult to take a breathe. They had me fixed up and out the door in no time. So grateful for the wonderful staff!!
Lynn B
16:42 20 Sep 21
I am so thankful for the care I received at the new Melissa 121 location! The checkin process was so easy and the wait was very minimal. Everyone was so accommodating from the front desk, my MAs Krystal and Lisa, and the provider Meghann. I feel so much better today! You guys are AMAZING!
Jaime T.
16:13 17 Sep 21
So happy to have this new location! Got us in quick for breathing/coughing issues. The wonderful nurse practitioner got my daughter chest xrays, tests, and thoroughly checked her. Prescribed antibiotics and steroids but they also gave her steroids and a breathing treatment on sight. I felt listened to and cared for.
Lauren G.
00:52 17 Sep 21
I called the front desk to make sure they took my insurance before I came in and was stuck with a bill. I also live 30 minutes away in the country, and this is the closest urgent care to me. I explained that I have been there before, but it was before I had insurance, and just wanted to make sure my $25 copay would be taken, versus a $125 appointment without insurance. She said I had to call my insurance company to find out. This was very confusing to me as medical offices have ALWAYS been able to look up my insurance with my policy number and tell me immediately if they are in network or not. I asked her if she could do this and she kept coming up with reasons why she couldn't. First it was "I cant look it up" then it was "Oh I have to have the card" Me: "I'm looking at the card and can give you any info off of it." Rep: "Well even if I had that info, I would have to be the one to call your insurance company and verify it". And the excuses went on and on...every time I'd provide a solution to the issue she was presentint, she'd introduce a new issue.Finally I said ok I'll call my insurance, can you tell me if you still have openings today. Her response was "you'll have to go online and see if there are"Ok so after all this BS, my only question is if me as the patient has to do everything, then why does your position exist??THANK GOD I soon realized that it wasn't this location I had been to before, and was instead the location just a few streets away. This is the "Melissa Rt 121" location. Do yourself a favor and go to the "Melissa" location.And to wrap this up...I called the other location and the phone call was less than 20 seconds long. I asked the Rep the same question and she replied "Yes we take Blue Cross Blue Sheid PPO"
Lauren R.
16:58 28 Jul 22
BEWARE! Please steer clear of this urgent care they are running a PCR/COVID test scam! Please, if all you need is a COVID test, plan accordingly and find a different testing site. I’m so disappointed that many search engines point to this company as a provider.Found CommunityMed through my insurance company as an in-network provider for a FREE COVID test. Their website advertises a travel PCR covid test, but do not disclose that a copay is required for a minute appointment with a PA. My family is out $150.Shameful!Please be up front and honest. Why don’t you advertise the copays/fees on your website when you are going to charge differently than my insurance coverage cost estimate.
Paul V
23:44 02 Jul 22

An Urgent Care Clinic in Melissa, TX and
Neighboring Communities


We are conveniently located in Melissa, TX just off of Highway 121 at Melissa Rd., behind Taco Bell, Burger King and Braum’s.

Our urgent care clinic treats each patient like a member of our own family, delivering expert care in a personalized environment. We’re open nights and weekends for your convenience.  Our short wait times mean it’s easy to get the care you need, when you need it.

At CommunityMed Urgent Care, our staff consists of friendly and experienced medical professionals.

As a walk-in clinic, we’re more affordable than an emergency room for people who need medical attention for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

Common services we provide include:

  • COVID tests
  • X-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Strep tests
  • Flu tests
  • TB tests
  • STD tests
  • Drug tests
  • Allergy treatments

You can rely of CommunityMed for a non-life-threatening injury or illness. Get the answers you seek and the treatment you need quickly and effectively.

Contact us today for help finding the location nearest you in Melissa, TX, or a nearby area.

What is urgent care?

Often called walk-in clinics, an urgent care centers lets you get medical care quickly, without waiting days or weeks. Our clinic offers same-day medical care with little to no wait. You can also schedule your appointment online.

Urgent care clinics treat minor ailments such as infections, cuts, sprains and broken bones.  They are also an affordable option, costing less than a visit to the emergency room.

How long is wait time at urgent care clinics?

Usually not too long. Most patients are in and out under an hour, including time waiting to see a medical provider. However, it could be even less if you secure your spot in line before arriving at the clinic with our online scheduling. 

How is urgent care different from emergency room care?

 Urgent care clinics handle diseases and conditions that require immediate care but aren’t necessarily life-threatening. Urgent care clinics also offer diagnostic testing for COVID, strep throat and flu.

Emergency rooms handle potentially life-threatening medical emergencies, including conditions such as heart attacks, seizures or loss of consciousness, overdose, trauma or severe pain. 

Do urgent care clinics accept my insurance?

It’s very likely that we do accept your medical insurance. We accept Medicare, Tricare and the majority of the major insurance carriers. Call your insurance provider if you have questions to confirm that we are in network so your co-pay is what you expect it to be. If we are out of network, we can still provide care but your bill will likely be higher than your normal co-pay. 

Comprehensive Treatments and Services

Urgent Care Services

Urgent Care Services

Treating patients of all ages

School Physicals

School Physicals

For youth ages 12-18

COVID Testing

COVID Testing

PCR Swab and Antibody Tests