Family Care Clinic in Haslet, Texas

Our Family Care Clinic serves patients located in Haslet Texas, with a well equipped state of the art facility for addressing different health concerns.  We don’t believe in subpar service – our clinicians walk the talk.

More importantly, we treat all kinds of health worries. And we cater to adults and students alike.

For instance, we specialize in school physical examinations, and check for any underlying health condition or impairment.

We have a state of the art pediatric department that specifically caters to children, addressing their health concerns, diseases, deformities and injuries.

Have an emergency? Come over to us. We can treat problems like foreign bodies in the ear cavity – which can happen due to accidents.

We can also help you if you’ve a skin cut or a burn, or if you’re experiencing vomiting – which may be a symptom for an underlying disease and infection. Our experienced practitioners provide effective diagnosis and treatment to help you.

Come to Us to Lead a Healthy Life

Apart from helping you with emergency situations, we can also help you deal with problems like obesity, which can lead to many conditions like heart disease, and diabetes. Our clinicians can help you attain a normal body mass index.

If you’re suffering from Asthma and Bronchitis, drop by in anytime.

We even offer vaccinations, including flu shots that can help you prepare you well for the flu season.

When Should You Visit Us?

Our clinicians are available for you on all days of the week, till 8 pm. With nearly no waiting time and an online appointment booking feature, you’re sure to have a seamless experience.

We accept all major health insurances – visit our medical clinic in Haslet, Texas today!

Our providers are wonderful in Haslet! We are open late and weekends with little to no wait!




















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