What to do if Something is Stuck in Your Nose

If you think that you have got a foreign object in your nose then you should try not to fix things yourself, no matter how tempting it is. You should always seek the help of a medical professional like the ones available at our after hours urgent care serving Haslet Texas.

How do you know that something is stuck in your nose and you are not making things up?

  • You have difficulty in breathing
  • You constantly feel that something is stuck there
  • There is foul smelling or bloody nasal discharge
  • You feel irritation or pain in nose

What not to do?

  • Don’t search the nose with cotton or other foreign objects
  • Don’t try to remove the object if you can’t see it
  • Breathe through the mouth if you can’t breathe through the nose
  • Breathe slowly and steadily through the nostril that has no object and try to blow gently to push the object out

Seek the help of a medical professional if:

  • You can’t breathe properly
  • Bleeding has begun
  • Both the nostrils are blocked
  • There is an infection in the nose
  • The nostril has swollen
  • Easy attempts to remove the object have failed

Something stuck in the nose is not a very dangerous health issue in most cases and the medical professionals working for us are experts in getting rid of foreign objects stuck in any part of your body. We offer reliable, affordable and competent after hours urgent care serving Haslet Texas so you can trust us easily. Our medical professionals will treat you in the right manner and ensure that you get instant relief no matter whether you are visiting us at 8 AM or 8 PM or even on a weekend. To know us better, please visit communitymedcare.com




















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