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Animal bites can lead to a lot of complications. Many skin infections are caused due to animal bites. Stop by at our clinic in Haslet, Texas. We can help in the treatment, and disinfection of animal bite wounds.
Helps You Deal with All Common Ailments
Sinus infections can be extremely uncomfortable to deal with. The associated symptoms which include headache, respiratory difficulties and discomfort can happen anytime. Proper health of the sinuses is crucial. Here’s why. ccc
– The nasal and paranasal sinuses provide a pneumatic space in the skull.
– They offer a cushioning effect.
– They also act as a shock absorber.
You thus need the right treatment. We offer the best sinus treatment facilities in town, which can help you breathe normally.
Our clinic also provides treatments for minor burns.
The Other Problems We Can Treat
Apart from these, we provide treatment for the following ailments:

  • – Cough
  • – Sore throat,
  • – Pharyngitis,
  • – Colds
  • – Flu

In some cases allergies can take a severe form. Chest congestion constitute common problem. Sometimes, allergy cases can also end up at the emergency room. Drop in at our clinic for timely and effective management of allergies.
We also provide treatment for Sprains and muscle injuries. Our team comprises of competent and dedicated practitioners. We offer treatment for many other minor illnesses.

When Should You Visit Us?

Our clinic is open for you all week. Our doctors are available till 8pm every day. We have nearly zero waiting lines. We also accept all major health insurances. We accept medicare, tricare and private health insurance at our clinic. Just drop in at our medical clinic in Haslet, Texas. It’s easy to resolve all your health concerns. You can also check in online at our website site

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