Primary Care Doctor Alternative Near Mansfield, Texas

If you’re looking for the right health clinic, make a visit to our primary care clinic near Mansfield, Texas. From ear obstructions, to rashes, our experienced clinicians will provide you effective treatment for them all. We pay undivided attention to all our patients to ensure their health and satisfaction.

Our Urgent Care facility specially is set up to cater to medical emergencies and ailments that may strike you at any hour. We also have an excellent Primary Care department especially for your needs, and routine checkups.

Abscess Treatment

Abscesses are not only unsightly, they can also be life threatening if not treated properly. Our clinic provides you with incision and drainage for all kinds of abscesses thus ensuring a speedy recovery.

Earaches may happen due to infections and even injury, and are extremely painful. Stop by at our clinic, and we will take care of your earaches offering quick relief.

Pediatric Medical Care

Pediatric care is the most important in family setups, more so because children are more susceptible to injuries and infections. This is why we have providers who are fantastic with pediatric patients! We take care of all illnesses, injuries, ailments and allergies for children.

Flu Vaccines

Flu affects around 20% of Americans today. This is why we need to build our defenses for protection against the influenza virus. Our experienced clinicians administer flu shots and answer all your questions pertaining to the vaccine which dramatically decrease the incidence of flu.

Not only this, we also provide vaccinations for all the other infections.

Allergies have become extremely common today. And they can be difficult to deal with. Sometimes, anaphylaxis may prove to be life threatening. Stop by at our clinic for quick solutions to all your allergies.

When Should You Visit Us?

We are available for our patients on all days of the week, till 8 pm every day. We also have an urgent care unit for our patients open all day long. We also cater to people with busy schedules assuring of nearly zero waiting lines, and accept all major health insurances. Just book an appointment online with us at anytime.

Our providers in Mansfield will help treat you and your family! We are open late and weekends!




















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