Off Hours Pediatric Clinic in Melissa Texas

As a parent, it is important to know of a kid’s clinic you can trust at Melissa, Texas, area. Whether your kid Twists their ankle in football practice or comes home from college with a stomach bug, then she or he warrants immediate, expert medical care. That is Our specialty in CommunityMed Urgent Care. We offer an outstanding level of personalized care for kids and adults with a wide range of diseases and injuries which are life threatening. Founded by an ER doctor seeking a more sensible approach to provide instant Medical Services to patients, CommunityMed Urgent Care bridges the gap between overbooked primary care offices and expensive emergency rooms.

You may be sure of your decision to trust CommunityMed Urgent Care as your Melissa, TX, kid’s clinic, because: Our group of veteran caregivers are friendly and funny, also has ample expertise treating pediatric patients. All Our clean and comfortable examination rooms include a Television, so your kid can appreciate his/her favored cartoons while being treated. We’re open on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends for your convenience, rather than need appointments. This way, your child may get to feeling better sooner as opposed to later. Our rates are extremely reasonable, according to our positive online reviews.

In addition, we make paying for kid’s clinic solutions Simple by accepting all major insurance plans, in addition to Medicare and Tricare. We also provide A discount program for uninsured patients. To discover numerous reasons CommunityMed Urgent Care should be yours kid’s clinic of choice at the Melissa, TX, area, contact us now. If you want to bring your kid to our workplace, just stop by or check using our convenient on-line system.




















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