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CommunityMed Providing COVID-19 Antibody and Swab Tests At North Texas Clinic Locations

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Patients wanting COVID-19 tests to find out if they currently have an active or have been infected in the past can be tested in the Tarrant County CommunityMed locations in Arlington and Haslet, as well as the Collin County clinics in Melissa, Prosper and Princeton, the Denton County clinic in Cross Roads and the Wichita County clinic in Wichita Falls.

April 21, 2020

Dallas, Texas – CommunityMed Urgent Care, based in Dallas, is now conducting comprehensive testing for COVID-19 at all of its seven North Texas Clinics (South Arlington, Haslet, Cross Roads, Prosper, Melissa, Princeton and Wichita Falls).

Two types of tests are available. The COVID-19 Swab Test will test for any patients who currently might be contagious. The COVID-19 Blood-Antibody Test will test for any patients who have previously been infected but are not currently contagious.

Patients wanting to schedule either COVID-19 test can visit All COVID-19 testing must be scheduled in advance. Patients will check in virtually and be prompted to complete their paperwork online, which they can do at home or in their car in the clinic parking lot. Upon arrival for their appointment, patients will text the clinic and wait for instructions to enter the building. There are designated urgent care and COVID testing rooms to avoid cross-contamination at each location. Patients can currently expect test results within several days.

At this time, there are no restrictions as to who can get tested for COVID-19. CommunityMed is providing tests for those with symptoms or who are asymptomatic, those who have been exposed and those may need to return to work. They are also available to do on-site testing for groups and companies.

“We bring reliable, safe testing to cities and communities that we love to care for day in and day out,” said Birken Olson, the CEO of CommunityMed.

The medical clinics provide comprehensive testing, including tests for flu, strep and other viruses and infections. CommunityMed will bill insurance for patients covered by in-network medical insurance and patients will not need to pay any fees owed at the time of the visit. Cash payers will need to pay for services at the time of the visit and then file for reimbursement with the federal government.

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