Premium Preventative Health Screening with Ultrasound

Detect potential health issues early with our comprehensive Premium Preventative Health Screening.

CommunityMed  Premium Health Screening with Ultrasound – Could be Free with In Network Insurance – Available Ages 18-64

Our comprehensive health screening service helps detect potential health issues early, empowering you to take control of your health journey.

Your Preventative Health Screening Includes:

  • Ultrasound Tests including Carotid or Thyroid Scan, Abdominal Scan including liver, gallbladder and aorta
  • BMI – Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure Check to identify hypertension and medical risks associated with untreated high blood pressure
  • Physical Examination looking for heart murmurs
  • Blood Work including CBC, Metabolic Panel, Lipid Panel to test for cholesterol issues, TSH to test for thyroid issues, and CBC looking for anemia
preventative health screen ultrasound
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Call The Office

Clinic Hours

Clinic Hours

Mon – Sat: 8am – 8pm
Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

Health Screening with Ultrasound in Lantana

   CommunityMed services the following areas near Flower Mound in Lantana, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Highland Village, Double Oak, Hickory Creek, Lake Dallas, Corinth, Coral City, Northlake, Argyle, Denton

We are located off of FM 407 and McMakin, at the far south corner of the shopping center with Kroger and Starbucks.

In network with most insurances.  Cash Pay Available $399 

If you have an  HMO you will have to confirm with your carrier if these services will be covered.   Preventative Health Screening with Ultrasound are available for Ages 18-64  

Our Community Med Lantana is amazing! Everyone there is so friendly and thorough. I have had nothing, over the past two years, but positive experiences. Thank you to everyone there!
Lila L.
Every time I come here is always pleasant.I am always treated nicely, and they always understand what I’m coming in for.They never cancel on me even when I’m late to my appointments.
Andrea R.
I have visited this Urgent Care twice. Once in 2020 when COVID protocols were all over the place. They tested and got me in and out very quickly. They followed up via a phone call and were very helpful. The second time was with my child for stitches. Again, they got us in quickly, stitched her up beautifully, and got us out within 30 minutes. I am very pleased with their work and bedside manner.
Jessica T
EfficientGreat listener produced results for healing!KindThoughtfulPA A. Appelqvist is unmatched in knowledge! Good better Best describes this urgent care!Simply excellent
Lynn C.
I had a great experience at this clinic. The receptionist was super nice and helpful, the nurse and the PA were also very friendly and professional. They got me in and taken care of very quickly. I highly recommend this location.
Linda L.
Very minimal wait time, only 5 minutes. Very clean, efficient staff. NP was extremely helpful regarding my issue and even gave me a beginning medication to start on since the pharmacy would probably be closed by the time I got there, since it was the early evening. It was the best urgent care visit I have ever experienced.
Barbara S.
I realized one morning that I needed to get all 3 kids their sports physicals before school started. Thankfully, I remembered that Community Med in Lantana did them inexpensively and I got all 3 kids in that same day! Not only was the check-in process REALLY smooth and efficient, but every staff member was friendly and great and we got 3 physicals done in less than 50 minutes. We would definitely recommend!
Janice G.
Wonderful service and very quick!! I’ve seen Anton the PA at this practice, he is smart, kind, and patient. He takes the time to sit and discuss what’s going on and made me feel valued and cared for! Highly recommend this urgent care clinic!!
Allison G.
I love this place! It was extremely clean, well organized, and the process was easy peasy. At first I was annoyed with the poor nurse who had to ask me a bunch of medical history questions just for a covid test. I see now they were setting me up to be a long-term patient, and I'm so glad they did. I will definitely be back. I only thought to ask for a covid test, but Dr Anton Applequist was super quick thinking. He offered Covid, Flu A and B, and strep from the one same swab.They only had to swab me once for all that!! The doctor didn't act rushed, was really kind, quick thinking, and even came in to give me the results himself just to make sure I didn't have any questions. So he actually came into my room TWO whole times and answered my 100 questions without any complaint. This made me feel like he was a friend and actually cared. I love the staff and the facility, so this is my new Urgent Care go-to.
Sandra F.
First visit here due to allergies. Rapid Med cannot see me any longer since I’m on Medicare. Community urgent care takes Medicare. I love they have better hours, 7 days a week. Very friendly clinic and the doctor actually saw me! I would highly recommend this location in Argyle.
Sheila Y.
I’ve been here twice - once for myself and once for my toddler, and both times I’ve been VERY impressed with every single staff member. In my experiences elsewhere, many employees at doctors’ offices are unpleasant and sometimes downright rude. Here, I felt genuine care and even concern for our time with each person we encountered; from the front desk, to the nurse, to the doctor. They didn’t try to make things difficult, quickly addressed the problem and ensured I got what would help. No wasting time or extra steps. I was in and out within 30 minutes both times. Honestly might prefer this over primary care physician! Thanks to all who helped us! 🙂
Becky P.
Unfortunately I had to visit the urgent care because of a kitchen accident. I was quite the big baby and they, the entire team and staff, were so patient, kind, caring, professional and encouraging the entire time. They dressed my wound and got me on my way. 100% recommend! But I hope I don't go back anytime soon, lol.
Brandy W.
Took my 88yr old mother for her first time to CommunityMed Family Urgent Care. It was a very easy process from checking-in to waiting in the lobby to getting treatment and exiting. Everyone was very helpful, personable & ultra professional. I hope we don't have to ever make any more Urgent Care visits but if we do we know where we will be going, CommunityMed Family Urgent Care - Lantana. Thank
Brian J.
I’ve never had a better experience anywhere. The office staff are so friendly. My dr oh my she is an angel. I left with such joy after my visit with her. You are extremely lucky to have her. I feel so safe knowing your clinic is there for me.
Marsha L.
I took my dad to have some staples removed and after a quick check in while sitting in the parking lot they got us right in. There was no waiting for ever for a doctor to come in, they got the steeples out in a matter of minutes and we were on our way. The staff was extreme nice and professional and the place was so clean and smelled so fresh. I highly recommend CommunityMed Family Urgent Care!
Karrie S.
Due to a small laceration I decided to get an appointment. It takes a little time to get the information into their website. You need your insurance information etc. Once done you arrive & scan QR code to let them know your arrival. The facility is extremely clean & the staff is caring. I ended with seven stitches. The physician was meticulous along with his assistant. I return in ten days for stitches removal. Again I will need to go online to register for an appointment. I highly recommend the clinic.
Sherry S.
We are visiting family in Lantana for Thanksgiving. We are from West Virginia and our mother became ill with suspected vertigo. We were able to make an appointment the day after Thanksgiving very easily. The wait was a little long however they were extremely busy!! We were permitted to wait in the car eliminating exposure to other illness. The office staff, nurse Mae, and Dr Anton were incredible! Our family is very blessed with the care she received. THANK YOU!
Trish Y.
Excellent service! The staff was so kind, knowledgeable, and efficient. The check in process was easy, the facility was clean, and I left feeling confident in my plan of care. The communication was fantastic; I had all of my results within a hour and a prescription waiting for me at the pharmacy. My family and I will definitely go back whenever we need care!
Kristen C.
The entire team here is always fantastic. I’ve been a patient and brought my kids on various occasions and the experience has always been 5 star. everyone from the front desk to the nurses to the doctors are always friendly, efficient, and give the best care.
Colleen K.
I almost cut my fingers off with the hedge trimmer they were able to fix me up and have me out of there to get on with the rest of my day pretty quickly. The staff is incredibly friendly knowledgeable and caring. They thoroughly answered all of my questions and help me navigate through medications dressings bandages stitches the works. They did it all with a good sense of humor and attention to care. I would highly recommend them!
Deb C.
Highly recommend! I made an appointment at 630 AM for 8 AM. I was in SERIOUS pain from an ear infection. The staff were so incredible. The check in process was efficient. I love that I waited in my car & they did the screening questions over the phone. I was seen quickly and out of there within 15 minutes, at most. I’ve never been so relieved to get meds. I was crying going into this office and the nurse and dr were so kind and gentle. I truly cannot express how great of an experience this was compared to other urgent care facilities.
Megan J.
Terrific and fast service to deal with a sinus infection, which always seems to hit on a Friday night! Listened to concerns and was an efficient appointment. Made an appointment online at 9:30am for 11am, and was on my way home before 11:45.And not to bash other reviews, but how can you be in the healthcare profession and complain about the screening and protection protocols healthcare companies have had to adopt due to the pandemic?! Can you say liability right now if they don’t have contactless check in?
Linda N.
Just went in for travel Covid test. They were thorough , quick and courteous!
Chuck21 J.
We are visiting family and our daughter got hurt. We thought maybe it was a break. It was not 🙏🏻We were treated so kindly!! The whole process of scanning, diagnosing and treatment all in 40 min. The doctor even called me later to reassure me the scans were negative.Thank you!
Everyone there was SO NICE!It was such a nice experience! I'll go there again in a heartbeat!
Dawn D.
Received some excellent urgent care today. Mr. Appelqvist who treated me is on top of his game, and very friendly service. Highly recommended.
Miikka M.
Excellent experience at the Lantana location today! I closed the hatch on my car and it hit the back of my head and left a gash. Four staples later and I’m good to go! They were super efficient, knew exactly what to do for me. I was in and out within 30 minutes. Highly recommend for urgent care issues!
Michelle W.
The staff of Anna(medtech), Jennifer (front desk check in), Anton(provider) were all super friendly and efficient. I will recommend this facility and staff to all seeking medical care
Brad N.
Very efficient process. Friendly, helpful staff and knowledgeable Dr. C19 conscious with plenty of PPE for your comfort. Would highly recommend for C19 testing!
Jason H.
The whole staff was very caring and courteous to me. From the check in process, to the sweet lady up front and to all the staff in the back. Jen, Jorge, Sam and Sam were so helpful and made the experience the best. I would highly recommend the Lantana location to anyone.
Sherry V.
We are so grateful for the staff here. We are always well cared for - the visits are thorough and we never feel like just another patient. Thank you!
Jennifer A.
CommunityMed Family Urgent Care - Lantana. I came in to do drug test. The paperwork took 1-2 minutes to fill out and they ask you to go in the your vehicle. I like this you don’t know who could be sick or not and they limit the traffic flow. As, I stated it is quick, fast and easy on the go. The staff is friendly and explain exactly how the procedure is going to be. I had friendly conversation with the staff and they made me laugh how people try to fake taking drug test 🤦‍♂️. Honestly, this the Urgent Care in Lantana is worth going. You don’t have to wait long periods of time. Even if the person possibly have covid. I suggest come here wait time quick and as i suggested the staff is excellent and friendly. You’ll be happy when you leave!!
Irfan C.
I think what I love most about this place is they didn’t even ask me to write a review. Their service, swiftness, and attention to care speaks for itself.
Renee C
Great Service! Staff was top notch!This is the Urgent Care!Won't go anywhere else!
Robert H.
I called 18 local clinics and pharmacies before you were recommended to me…by a total stranger…as I was practically in tears trying to find a place to test my daughter for Covid. From my first phone call to your clinic, to the moment we left, the staff was nothing but kind and professional. Even though the estimated wait was much longer than we hoped and my daughter was increasingly anxious about what to expect, we were able to get in and out very quickly and the NP and RN made her feel so comfortable. I will definitely recommend the facility to anyone who may need the services.
Shilah C.
There were no appointments today for Covid testing and I waited awhile in the parking lot until they called me into the office. Each person was friendly and informative, making me feel comfortable! 😊
Carol B.
Great service. Carly, Sam, Anna, and Jen are great at their jobs. Very friendly and professional.
Kevin P.
Good experience and great staff. I was given 3 tests in a timely manner. My results were emailed to me within 2 hours. Great facility!!
Vernon C.
This is an awesome place for quick care. My wife has been once and I have been twice. Each time all of the staff have been exceptional. Wait times are very minimal. A big plus is they take Medicare.
C B.
This is one of the most efficient, caring and pleasant care centers I have ever gone to. I fully believe they are in medicine to really help people.From the people who answer the centralized phone calls, to front desk, triage and the physicians - I couldn’t ask for a more consistent customer experience.
Candy P
Visited on 8/6 and the entire team from April at the front desk to our sweetest nurse to our provider Becca were absolutely amazing!!! Their bedside manner and excellence on highest level!! The reason we trust Community Med for all our urgent care needs !
Carolene S.
I was a walk in patient at 6pm and was having a severe allergic reaction. My eye was swelling shut and I had already been turned away from a different Urgent Care (ahem Rapid Med!) because they weren’t taking walk ins. I get that, but telling me to come back at 10am was irresponsible. I drove to Community Med and even though they were full on walk-ins, they could see my face and how much pain I was in. 15 min later I was seen, evaluated and got the steroid shot I needed! Thank you to the kind nurse practitioner, nurse and receptionist who made an exception to let me walk in and treated me as a human and not a number. I really do appreciate it!
Kate W.
Staff is friendly and so helpful. I was in and out quickly. Will definitely go back again. Highly recommend this awesome Urgent Care facility!!!
Lisa B.
The desk personnel and nursing staff were polite and efficient. I was seen with only a few minute wait in my car and in the lobby. I was in and out in a matter of 15 minutes. My results of my Covid test were in my email inbox about an hour and 15 minutes later. All in all, a pleasant experience.
Ellen S.
People there were very friendly and respectful. I was seen right after I arrived, though I realize that in busier times I might have had to wait a little longer. Great place to go for quality care.
Dandydon T.
I read reviews regarding urgent care locations closer to my house, but decided to travel a little further based on CommunityMed Family Urgent Care in Lantana and I'm glad I did. I was seen very close to my appointment time, and the staff was exceptional. George (tech/assistant) and Carmen (PA) were both very personable and knowledgeable. If the need occurs again that I need an urgent care, I will return.
Tracie M.
So bad that I forgot Reginas nickname (juju?) but she was awesome fast and very personable. Quick in and out. Front seat and PA were also friendly and knowledgeable. Great experience.
Cunningham C.
I had the best experience today at the Lantana Community Med Urgent Care. The online registration is straight forward and easy to complete. They saw me promptly and everyone was so caring and nice from the receptionist to the tech/ nurse and their wonderful Nurse Practitioner, Becca. I would recommend them to anyone needing urgent care.
Janet B.
Great service. I did not like the whole online booking thing but they were able to accommodate me to book an appointment by phone. Call me old school. Sorry I'm just anti online booking
Alex B.
My wife and I needed a PCR test last minute for international travel. The staff went above and beyond to assist us in making our deadline. They reached out proactively to make us aware that testing supplies were limited and that we should attempt to get in earlier to avoid running out and missing our deadline. Staff was very efficient and worked as a unified team. We were in/out within 20 minutes and had our necessary paperwork within an hour.Thank you
Jeffrey A.
Second visit. Online check in. Very organized process of checking in. Short wait. Very thorough PA’s and staff, good explanations and take time answering my questions.. Tasted for covid, step, flu. Explained process if results come back positive! What medications will be called in. Quick test results, with online viewing. Quick prescriptions submitted. Friendly staff.
M B.
I’ve visited this location 3 times within the past year and have only had positive experiences! My nurse practitioner Rebecca Kobishop was very kind. Every time I’ve needed to be seen I’ve always been able to get in same day. I also like that I can complete all my paperwork ahead of time and wait in my car.
Hannah E.
Staff was extremely nice. The PA was quick and kind and informative. I expressed that I would like a chest X-ray and she made sure that happened. 10/10 would recommend. The PA also gave me multiple options for treatment. 👍🏻
Taylor R.
Check in process was wonderful. Front desk was nice. Anna (CMA) is always friendly, sweet & phenomenal at what she does! Megan (provider) was fast, efficient and my prescription was at the pharmacy of my choice less than 15 minutes after I left the office. Wonderful experience!
Jordan P.
Excellent experience! In the past our 20 year old daughter has not gone to the doctor alone when sick but due to covid precautions she flew solo today. The staff made her feel very comfortable and she did great. Very caring and knowledgeable staff who got her in and out quickly along with great medical care.We will definitely use them in the future.
Randi E.
New Patient. My appointment check in was quick and easy from my auto with their convenient App. They provided me the appointment time and a reminder text. On arrival they processed my medical insurance needs and I completed minimum patient paperwork. The Physician Assistant and Aids quickly analyzed my medical needs; provided a needed X Ray to determine the extent of my injury followed with a leg cast; special walking shoes and a walking aid. They also scheduled me with a medical specialist for follow up needs after talking directly by phone with the physician. Everyone was courteous; they listened to my needs and concerns and provided excellent medical services. I would highly recommend this team for all your emergency medical needs.
Robert S.
Nice facility. Courteous friendly staff that get you in and out quickly.
Justin C.
Top notch process and facility. Scheduling and Paperwork for covid-19 rapid test all done on line. Pull into a parking spot 15Minutes before scheduled appointment and check in via a QR code on a sign in front of the parking spot. Taken to a private room, blood pressure, temperature, cursory look over, then the nasal swab. Followed by a NP listening to heart via stethoscope. Less than a 15 minute ordeal. Results in 15 minutes. I mean it’s down to a science.
Tom T.
This is the best urgent care! They are so thoughtful with all their procedures. Quick and efficient service. They were kind and energetic in all our interactions. I highly recommend this place and these people!
Jake J.
The staff made my visit so easy!! They kept me updated on the progress of my appointment and once in the clinic I was seen quickly. They were genuinely concerned about my reason for visiting and once a diagnosis was made took great care in explaining my treatment plan. I will look to them again for professional care in the future!!
dianne C.
CommunityMed Lantana was very clean, and the staff members were all friendly and efficient. I really appreciate the fact that they took walk-ins too. My wait time (as a walk-in) was less than 1 hour, and I was seen promptly once taken to an exam room. I couldn’t be happier with my visit.
Lindsey H.
This place was absolutely amazing! They help me right away I did not have to wait and they were extremely nice and sensitive. I am definitely going back soon
Ebony H.
They have a very efficient online registration that takes a little time to fill out. But your place in line is assured while you do so. They staff was very professional and did the tests I asked for. The PA came in and discussed treatment options. Overall I probably waited about two hours in line with what they told me. Definitely a great place!
Ben & Kathy L.
Friendly staff, quick, convenient!
Melissa C.
Great people and service. But get over this obsession with treating people like they have leprosy! Let people come in and register. Ridiculous that you still have customers waiting in their cars and a QR code. Won’t be back until that changes.
Steve D.
Staff was very friendly and competent.. The testing was done in a good amount of time. Signing up for an appointment is somewhat confusing and does not give clear instructions.
Barbara D.
Everyone is extremely nice. The Lantana location is new, clean and well maintained. I had a covid quick test and once I was called I was in/out in 5 minutes. Received results in about 15 minutes.My only disappointment was how far behind they were. They have been overrun with test requests and appointments. Today my appointment was at 4:00 and it was after 5:00 before they were able to get me in. Everything else was great.
Jeff T.
Was very good overall. I received a text that I could come earlier due to a cancellation. I left immediately and let them know when I was there as instructed. Their automated system asked me a few questions to confirm who I was, and then told me I would receive a call when it was my turn to come in. I sat in the parking lot for 30 MINUTES waiting on the call.Once inside, I was taken back by a nurse, she asked me all the appropriate questions and then I was saw a Nurse Practitioner. Both nurse and the nurse practitioner took time to answer all my questions and hear my concerns.Other than waiting in the parking lot for 30 minutes when I was told to come early, I would definitely recommend this place.
David B.
The care was good. But the check in process was frustrating. We came inside and no other patients were in the lobby. The receptionist asked us to go outside and register and wait in our car. I did that but it would not let me register online. I went back inside and she told me that it was too close to their closing time for me to register online. I asked her why she sent me outside register if it was too late to do that online. She did not have a good answer. It’s super frustrating to do all of that when there was no reason to. Then she decided she could go ahead and put the information in the computer herself. It seems like a small thing but when your child is sick and you’re just trying to get some care, it’s frustrating when their policy says they can’t help you in the lobby and you have to go to your car and fill out a bunch of junk online. Just not good customer service with that policy.
Misti M.
The first time I visited I was so incredibly impressed. Yesterday was a different story. It wasn’t because of the wait I totally understand that part and not an issue. It was the attitude of the nurse. Maybe he was having a bad day, maybe I was annoying with my long detailed history. But I felt like death and was concerned about pneumonia because I have had it before. I don’t feel like any of my history was relayed to the doctor. Even my 9 year old noticed how rude he was. The doctor was nice, but little communication, I should have ask more questions, so that’s on me. I just hope that nurse realizes that even if you’re having a bad day you have to have compassion even if you think your patient is an idiot for some reason or another.
I’ve always had pretty good care here, so I would normally say 5 stars. However i recommended this location for a very sick family member and it’s been pretty disappointing. So if you have something common and can’t get into your doctor, I would recommend them. But if you have something serious- especially Covid related. I would recommend RapidMed over CommunityMed.
Linda N.
Very disappointing experience. Front desk is very rude and not accommodating. These people needs to have some training on how to assist their patients through phone etiquette or in person. She needs to go back to school and study “The Code of Ethics” this place is discriminating! I do not recommend people go on this place!!!
Pilya D.
Needs 0 stars!!!!! This was my second time at this location. Staff lacked the basic knowledge to seem to treat patients. The “nurse” overdosed my child with Tylenol giving him 3 times the dose she should have. She read the tablespoons as teaspoons and even joked she “couldn’t read it well”. I questioned her several times and she assured me she knew what she was doing. If I wouldn’t have caught what was going on she was going to give him more. No apology from her, only the provider. I will be following up to make sure an incident report is properly documented. So disappointed, do NOT use this location!!!!!!!!!
Nicole R.
Showed up to get a COVID test 30 minutes after opening, trying to be a new walk in patient. Only one person in the waiting area. I was “greeted” by an unprofessionally attired and behaving millenial who instructed my to walk out, get in my car, and go online to fill out their paperwork before i could be seen. Since she did not say, I asked for as estimate of how long the wait would be; she said she does not know because they don’t actually do scheduling on location. So I went back to my car to try to do the online registration, and after filling in many screens-worth of informationI realized this whole process was ridiculous- as at the end of that process the website said the next a available appointment was not available for 2 hours. So I got in the car and drove 7 minutes to the Rapid Med location in Argyle that i had used before, and experienced a completely different patient care environment: I walked in, gave my name and birth date, confirmed my information, then was asked to have a seat and was seen within 5 minutes. Will not return to try this Urgent Care. Avoid this place if you want to be treated like a person and not annoying chattle. Too many better options available. By the way, I am a physician, and am intimately familiar with the proper and good delivery of health care…. Be well
William G.
I would give a zero star if I could. Went in to have ears flushed to remove a wax buildup. They did ok on the left ear. The right was a different story. It was extremely painful and all they did was impact the wax further in my ear. They finally stopped because my ear was bleeding and they said they could do no more. I left in worse condition than when I arrived. I could not sleep that night because of the pain. Went to the ER and they told me that my eardrum was ruptured. I contacted Community Med and told them what happened I should consider a lawsuit but all I wanted was my $100.00 copayment returned. They were receptive at first but a day later their management called and said they would do nothing. By the time I get all the bills the ER will probably be close to $1000.00. I cannot work for two weeks. Returning my $100.00 seems pretty minor but that’s how the management of this company works. Other medical facilities that I have been to only charge a$40.00 copayment. I absolutely would not recommend this facility to anyone. Stay far away from this place!
Matt B.
After registering online and gaining an appointment, I arrived only to find out they did not perform the service that I requested after 6pm. A simple online communication notifying me would have been helpful. Needless to say, an inconvenience.
Steve W.
I needed to visit an urgent care center and selected this one based on reviews. It's understandable that the clinic would be busy at 4:40pm and that there would be curbside check-in. But after jumping through all the check-in requirements via text, I received a text stating they weren't taking any more patients. That should have been the first message I received, and I could have found another clinic more quickly. Covid-19 requires flexibility from us all, but good communication helps us all.
Robin A.

What does the Preventative Health Screening with ultrasound include?

Our service goes beyond basic health screenings. We include an ultrasound – imaging test that uses sound waves to make pictures of organs, tissues, and other structures inside your body. It allows your health care provider to see into your body without surgery.

With a wide range of evaluations including blood pressure, BMI, advanced blood work, ultrasound tests, and more, we offer a holistic view of your health. Our aim is to identify potential health risks before they escalate into more serious conditions.

Do I have to schedule my Preventative Health Screening with Ultrasound in Lantana ahead of time?

We accept appointments set for the Preventative Health Screening with Ultrasound, up to two weeks prior to the appointment date.  Schedule your health screening now, up to two weeks ahead of your appointment.

Will CommunityMed  in Lantana, TX accept my insurance for my Preventative Health Screening? 

Our medical clinic in Lantana, TX, operates in network with most large insurance companies. If you want to find out for certain, call the number that is on the backside of your card to make sure that we are in your network for your insurance as well as finding out how much your coverage will cover.

The Preventative Health Screenings with Ultrasound is covered, in-network with most insurances.  Cash Pay is Available $399

**If you have an  HMO you will have to confirm with your carrier if these services will be covered. 

How long can I expect to wait for my preventative health screening at the Lantana medical clinic?

Your appointment for the health screen provides a convenient time slot for yor health screening and ultrasound.  You receive the information on screenings within approximately one week from your appointment.