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Great place to get care when you are sick. Easy to schedule online, I went in exactly at my appointment time. Caring and thorough nurse and doctor. My issue was diagnosed and Rx was called in. The only negative is you have to wait in your car until called.
Virginia B.
Very easy online registration and scheduling process. I was able to see the doctor very quickly. Great, efficient care. The person at the front desk was pleasant and welcoming. I will go back if I need an emergency clinic again.
Georgia L.
Loved the check in process everyone was so friendly! They were very professional and timely. Nice to see an urgent care that cares urgently.
Tijaira C.
Thank you wonderful You! Yes ALL of You!!! You ALL more than treated my bug bitten finger!!! ;)You genuinely showed empathy and compassion! Making not only made my day so much better, but Outstanding!From your warm hearts to mine. I’d like to extend my Gratitude!Thank youWilliam H.
Sonic L.
In and out within one hour. I would recommend register online and select arrival time range. I went on a Sunday where there is only one nurse working but he was super fast and efficient. They’ve done all of the tests and as soon as the result it out provider comes in with prescription.
Qijin H.
This clinic is excellent… they were thorough, professional, fast, did several tests and I’m on my way to feeling better. I give them 5 stars today 👍🏻 Feb 20, 2023
I rated this place years ago and I think I gave it one star and never went back. Now we have a whole new staff and a whole new attitude! It’s so nice to see people who like their jobs. You never have to wait that long even after doing an online apt ( unlike care now across the street). I was in and out in less than an hour.
Christy P.
The NP was very attentive and diligent in responding to what brought me in. I would recommend that you visit there even if you are not sure what type of urgency your issue is. A huge thanks.
Angela F.
Got in quickly and they were so nice and helpful! Felt way better after my asthma treatment. Thanks everyone!
Alex A.
This was the definite best Urgent Care I have ever been to. They were very attentive and fixed my problem! I will not be using any other urgent care in the future!
Barbara O.
The person at the front desk is always very upbeat and positive. She always has a smile on her face and she is very helpful. I was taken right back to an exam room after only waiting less than 10 minutes. PA was very knowledgeable about Worker's Compensation process for referral to a specialist. He answered all of my questions and reassured me that if anything changed or if there was any delay that I could call the clinic back for assistance. Overall, this was a great experience and I would recommend others to the clinic.
Tandy G.
The person at the front desk is always very upbeat and positive. She always has a smile on her face and she is very helpful. I was taken right back to an exam room after only waiting less than 10 minutes. PA was very knowledgeable about Worker's Compensation process for referral to a specialist. He answered all of my questions and reassured me that if anything changed or if there was any delay that I could call the clinic back for assistance. Overall, this was a great experience and I would recommend others to the clinic.
Tandy G.
The person at the front desk is always very upbeat and positive. She always has a smile on her face and she is very helpful. I was taken right back to an exam room after only waiting less than 10 minutes. PA was very knowledgeable about Worker's Compensation process for referral to a specialist. He answered all of my questions and reassured me that if anything changed or if there was any delay that I could call the clinic back for assistance. Overall, this was a great experience and I would recommend others to the clinic.
Tandy G.
Alexa the receptionist was very sweet and patient! Easy going! Great customer service! The girl that did my drug test was also very kind!
Katarina B.
I had a very positive experience here. Preregistered online. Once I arrived in parking lot, scanned QR code and started the check in. Within a few minutes, I was back in an exam room and saw the med tech immediately. Provider came in a few minutes later, was professional, thorough, and answered all questions, then asked if I had more questions.I've been to a number of Urgent Cares in the past, and this one is by far the most efficient.
Scott S.
Great service and fast response. I was in and out faster than I could have imagined. Very nice and caring staff- will definitely go back!
Jennifer Q.
All the people that helped me get through this process had excellent care, were very professional and very efficient. It helped me to get the things I need to get done accurately and get them done in a timely manner.
Rodrick B.
Excellent care. Was seen quickly. Had X-rays and was able to get a radiologist read within 40 minutes. Personal was professional and friendly.
Liz O J.
NP Jennings and staff - Superb care!!! Will definitely come back if ever have any urgent care needs. Thanks Jennings. Lucky to have found you! Dawn 🙏😊
Dawn W.
The wait was VERY long as a walk in due to the spike in people being sick and needing medical help. However once I was called to be seen, everything was simply wonderful. The front desk Angel is always always super sweet. The nursing staff is just as amazing. They make you feel at ease and very comfortable. The NP I saw Curtiss Hardy was such a blessing AND he listens to you, unlike some providers. I truly wish he was a PCP. I would definitely choose him if he were. Overall I would recommend this place for your urgent care needs. The energy from the staff is A+!
Shin H.
The people here are great! They took care of my walk in request for a COVID test with same day service when most health care providers were closed for the holiday weekend. There was a bit of a wait but that is to be expected, especially in this pandemic period of demand on the medical community. I really appreciated their cheerful attitudes and helpful answers to all of my questions.
Rick T.
The staff was amazing! Very busy but they got us in and out and were a pleasure to work with! Merry Christmas
John Y.
I highly recommend this Urgent Care Center. The staff is amazing and friendly, I needed PCR test for international travel. It was quick and easy….Thank you to Alexis, Steven and Blain!!!
Jerry J.
We were able to get our daughter in for an appointment very quickly. The staff were kind, courteous and efficient. Once our daughter was checked in, two PA’s examined her and answered all of our questions. Her prescription information was sent straight to the pharmacy and we were on our way!
Carol S.
The staff were all friendly, caring, professional and thorough. Very clean and efficient. Highly recommend!
Lisa L.
All three people that helped me at CM Southlake TX on10/15/21 were fantastically caring and efficient people. I was blessed by the experience!!! Thank you very much.
Linda M.
The front desk was very friendly and helpful in making sure I completed the right forms and drank water for my test.Javier was engaging and friendly.I will definitely recommend Southlake CommunityMed to friends.
Suzanne C
We have used this urgent twice to get our kids COVID tested. Both times the staff were friendly and professional. Had to wait an hour the first time, which is completely normal for the times. We were told up to two hour wait when we showed up, but it ended up being about an hour. Second time we were in to see someone within 10 minutes. Will definitely be using this place when we can’t get to our primary doctor. Highly recommend.
Autumn D.
I’ve been here several times and each time my experience has been great! The staff is very welcoming and courteous. The service is quick and very efficient. And they don’t rush you out the door without answering all your questions. I’ve been recommending CommunicatingMed to everyone. Excellent service, thank you!!!
Ada M.
Anna and Blaine are excellent health care providers. Very thorough and friendly! I appreciate all the information they provided and documents for work as well! Thank you guys!
Kay G.
Very good staff! — Especially, the girl who answered the phone and was at the front desk. I really felt like they were down to earth and tried to make the process as reasonable as possible. I went for a same-day COVID PCR test and was able to obtain the care I was seeking. I recently went and don’t know if my insurance is going to pay for it all though… I have to wait and see. Anyway, for now it is five stars.
Gabriel M.
My son needed to come in for a school physical and everyone was completely booked up from Covid-19 flare up. They were kind, efficient, friendly and Fast! I will admit I was not in the best mood due to a prior Family physicians office mishaps and the lady at the front was still kind and worked us into their very busy schedule! I know Jesus was in this! Thank you to their staff and docs we had a great experience and in and out! Thank you kindly! Would recommend highly! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
BNamaste 2.
Everyone at CommunityMed Family Urgent Care Center, from the very helpful receptionist to the physician’s assistant to the doctor (Dr. Blomquist) were so professional and kind. I was able to walk in after quick and efficient online registration and check-in. You will be well taken care of at this clinic!
Patricia H.
I would like to say thank you to the whole team of community Med Family Urgent Care everyone was amazing and so welcoming from the person at the deskTo the physician that checked me when I came in for a COVID test for traveling they were also quick to check me in and get me tested and also sent me my test results with in an hour. I would highly recommend this clinic thank you.
Aasia M.
I needed to have a specific test provided for my travel to Jamaica, when I arrived at the facility there was a message on the front desk informing the Covid test provided does not cover travel to Jamaica. Needless to say I went into an immediate panic however Kayla an angel sent from above immediately took action to help resolve the issue. I cannot thank her enough for helping me get this issue resolved. Luckily there was another center close by that was able to take me and complete my test. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Kayla on top of everything else you do you are definitely top notch.😊😊😊
Cloud R.
Second time using their service @ CommunityMed and received the same prompt, courteous and professional treatment from the receptionist to the technician to the practioner.
Cheryl L.
The entire staff were personable, compassionate and professional. The process worked seamlessly. I was in and out quickly with accurate results.
S J.
We were traveling out of the country and needed results back the same day. Quick, friendly staff and efficient. Got PCR test results back within an hour. Thank you so much!
Yen N.
Easy process scheduling and checking in. Once you arrived you let them know by following the instructions and wait your turn to go in. Very friendly personnel, explained the process of the COVID PCR test. My daughter was very nervous as her previous experience with test somewhere else wasn’t good, this was a correcting experience for her and me.We got results super fast, maybe one hour. Other places I checked say 24-48 hours but can promise this. This was beyond my expectations!Thank you!
Gelena V.
Great experience for a rapid covid test needed for a medical procedure. Called to see if they could take a walk in and before I hung up the phone they had texted me a link to complete the paperwork. Once there, my wait was about 5 minutes total!!! I was able to leave and by the time I got home I already had an email with the results. Staff was friendly and professional as well. I would definitely come back to this location for other needs.And this was all after I had wasted over 45 minutes at another place that would not guarantee me a rapid test even knowing I needed it for a medical procedure!
Traci K
I had the best experience , not once, but twice with this office. We needed COVID testing for travel on our first visit , second time around for a medical issue. Highly recommend!!! Staff is friendly , wait times are nonexistent, competent medical professionals . Needless to say, we will be back !
I was visiting from out of town and was having terrible pain in my left foot and ankle. I made an appointment online to visit the Southlake facility. The staff was completely professional, personable, and efficient. There was no waiting and my appointment lasted less than an hour. They also referred me to a specialist and provided my x-rays on a disk for the Dr. What a pleasant experience!
Tiffanie L.
My daughter dislocated her shoulder and they made sure to take plenty of X-rays to see the scope of the problem. The PA was very upfront and helpful. The receptionist was also kind and helpful. We will definitely go back.
Kristin N.
If I could give them 10 stars I would.I was on a crazy time constraint where I had to have a Covid test within five days of travel, and the visa took up to three days, so I could only get a test on Sunday or Monday. So grateful they were open on Sunday!!The entire staff is beyond friendly and helpful. I would recommend them 200%!!
Ludmilla M.
Very cordial staff. The website scheduling and text communication was convenient. I didn’t mind waiting in my car for a few minutes before my appointment time. It all is a new method we should probably get used to. I kinda prefer this way now.
My Mom and I were tested here for COVID. Everyone was so extremely kind and compassionate. The staff is exactly what you need when you’re sick!! We were treated like individuals which was so refreshing. Great job!!
Tara A.
I’ve been here twice for a COVID rapid test. They are quick, thorough, and overall the best place I’ve been to get tested (I’ve been to three places). Office procedures felt safe and office was clean. Will use them again for other urgent health needs.
Cindy V
I came to CommunityMed Family Urgent Care to get a COVID-19 test after being exposed by a family member. The process was very fast and easy from start to finish. The registration process is online - this is where I filled out the forms and set an appointment for the following morning. I checked-in for the appointment on my phone from the parking lot. A few minutes later they called and advised me to come inside. Within a few minutes they took me back to a room where I received a nose swab. After a quick consult with a practitioner, I immediately left and about 20 minutes later I got an email and text with my results. The staff were all pleasant to interact with. Thanks for putting my mind at ease!
Richard B.
I just want to express my thanks and appreciation for the care I received during my personnel covid crisis. Chris made sure I was well taken care of and that I received all the necessary medications I would need to recover. The nurses that gave me the shots were so good I never felt a thing.Thanks again !
Tim L.
The staff were knowledgeable and most importantly friendly. The clinic was spacious and very clean. Seating in the lobby were spaced apart to adhere to social distancing practices. My wait in the lobby was short. I was examined right away once I arrived in the exam room. Highly recommend CommunityMed Urgent Care Southlake for your health care needs.
James J.
Used center twice. Quick, fast and super professional! Some of of my friends used in haslet and really liked their experience. 2 times covid negative. Heck if I had been positive I bet they would have been great helping there too! Thanks
Very nice people and very helpful. I appreciated how they got us in so fast. They answer the phone unlike other competitors of theirs. They also try to accommodate your needs quickly.We won’t in for COVID tests (which were negative). They took time to explain everything. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t know if that was acceptable being a medical facility.I would go back if I ever needed them again. Especially over some of the other similar urgent care places in the immediate area. These people run their business better.I recommend this place for sure.
Barry N.
It was great experience visiting this location.Everybody was welcoming and customer service very excellent.They were quick and proffessional.I would give this location a five star.I would recommend it to everybody
Gertrude B.
Very easy to make an appointment online and in advance. Checked in from my car and waited less than 5 minutes to be called inside. Was alone in the waiting room, then was taken back to an exam room quickly. Very professional and kind staff. Results within 15 minutes.
Debbie M.
Great staff, helpful and you get in and out no hassle. Great local spot to go get checked quickly for anything that might be ailing you.
Roberta M.
Easy online appointment! Got in before my appointment time, staff was amazing from front desk to back of staff! Very friendly with great attitudes. If I ever have a worry will definitely come back & send friends & family as well!!Thank you guys!!
Cassondra J.
Came in for COVID testing. Luckily they had a same day appt for rapid COVID. Waiting for about 10 min in my car, once I was in, got tested right away and had results in 15 min.
Veronica F.
Everyone was very polite, friendly and professional. The office is very clean. We went to get tested for COVID, which did not take long. We filled out the forms and checked in with ease. The PA, was very friendly and answered our questions. Thanks a bunch.
Rhonda N.
I loved my experience at CommunityMed. It was fast, easy and the staff was very, VERY kind. It is an excellent option for anyone needing medical care.
Erin S.
This review would have been five stars. The nurse and physician on grounds were amazing. However the front desk person had a really horrible attitude. Rolling of eyes and a challenging glare. Not a good way to treat customers.
Ella C.
Giving it 3 stars because the first time I went there the staff was great, even though I made an appointment for the COVID testing, they weren't sure they had enough test in the clinic!However, this time I called around 1:35pm to make an appointment for the same COVID testing and also expressed my concerns to the receptionist (Aísha I believe her name was), telling her I wanted to make an appointment in advance because I wanted to make sure they had enough COVID tests available, hence I have a important surgery on Monday, the person that answered the phone disregarded my concern and hung up the phone quickly.
Hevellyn A
The service was excellent. ONCE you get inside. I called and got the paper work emailed to me. Filled it out and sent it. Got a text back that the paper work had been turned on and “ stay by the phone that we will call or text” for you to come in. Only after I went inside after an hour that I was told that was just for the paperwork that I needed to check in to get in line. That’s NOT what the text said to do. Not a very good system.
Dana H.
Whole process was fast and efficient. Everyone was nice. The the reason for the 3 star vs 5 star: Their was a mask and sanitizer station set up as you went in and out. When getting ready to leave, the sanitizer was completely empty. I told the young lady at the front desk. She responded she would fill it shortly but never got out of her seat or offered me any in the meantime. So, I left. If out, they should offer to get it before I leave. Not just sit there.
Mr. M.
I went here after finding that I had the exact symptoms a friend I was with had that was diagnosed and given meds to treat her. I told the dr this and my symptoms. He ran no tests and told me it was just “allergies”. I take allergy meds daily! He then told me the meds he would give me had no opioids in them… I never asked for any. I’m sure he said that because I’m black and he brushed me off like I didn’t know my own body.
Quiana D.
Definitely go somewhere else if because the nurse practitioner on duty doesn’t listen or has any clue of what he’s doing. I explained my situation and gave him prior health information and his best guess was to go to an emergency room. I am mad that I wasted my insurance and co pay on this place. Had to get my pcp to prescribe what the nurse practitioner should have done during the visit. Again find a better place to go besides here.
Dee B.
My insurance paid 100% of the claim and they still charged me. When I call them to dispute it, front desk transfers me to Billing and no one answers at the billing, all you can do is leave voice mails. I’m going have to dispute the charges on my Credit Card. Please refrain from ever paying cash or debit card transaction, as you may never get your money back. If they do decide to correct the situation, I will update the review accordingly.Update: Billing eventually called me back and clarified that I should NOT have been charged and front desk made a mistake. They did send a check which took 6 weeks. Lots of inconvenience and headache but it finally got resolved.
world U.
Visited this facility after having been there several times for COVID tests or physicals. That seems to be their only strength, as I was visiting for a very painful abscess that needed to be drained. I called ahead of time to ensure that they had the personnel and equipment to do this, which the lady on the phone said YES they DO deal with these regularly, and so I went ahead with the appointment because of the pain I was in.When I was seen, I saw a male NP who did not even want to TOUCH the abscess, and did not believe me when I said it was an abscess!! They decided to just take a swab for culturing (??), and called me back 4 days later just to tell me I had abnormalities and asked me about follow-ups.Their facilities are extremely limited and they are not well equipped for anything but a cold or maybe a drug test/physical.Long story short: I ended up at a REAL ER in Dallas the next day and was admitted for 4 days due to an infection. What a waste of $50 copay. Do yourself a favor and just go elsewhere.
Claire U.
DO NOT USE THIS FACILITY. They are SCAMMERS. My insurance paid 100% of the claim and they still charged me. When I call them to dispute it, front desk transfers me to Billing and no one answers at the billing, all you can do is leave voice mails. I’m going have to dispute the charges on my Credit Card. Please refrain from ever paying cash or debit card transaction, as you may never get your money back. If they do decide to correct the situation, I will update the review accordingly.
world U.
Brought my colleague foe testing for travel back to EU. Its been over 2 hours for rapid test and no results. They also don’t answer the phone ever. Go somewhere else.
Christian L.
Call them 5 times over five days and was told that they take our insurance and insurance will cover the covid test..filled out everything online and got appointment. Arrived and was told that our insurer won’t cover covid test. Then a sales pitch to pay $250 cash for the swab. Then tell me the place next door is $500 and the airport is $275. Trying to close you…Southlake location..used car hustlers…
Jeff R.
Very frustrated with this place. When signing up for a Covid test appointment they still have you wait in your car for 1 hour even though no one else was there. Then after finally getting the call to go in they charge you your insurance’s co-pay and submit to insurance as a regular doctor sick visit. Their claim is that they are not an “Urgent Care” facility and have better and more accurate equipment than Urgent Care facilities when the words “URGENT CARE” are literally all over the building and website. They are purely profiting off Covid.
Bruce B.
After waiting in the parking lot for 4 hours and having a heated argument with the receptionist, about 1 an half more hours to see a doctor, I no longer trusted the care I would receive, so I left.I used to come to this Urgent care in 2018 and it was 5 stars then, but they are living in the past, they are a 1 star now. I will not come back, that should make the receptionist happy.
Patricia W.
This place should stop false advertising as an Urgent Care with no appointment required. The onsite instructions are confusing. The hours are not accurate on their door compared with their phone number or online business hours description. There are online forms required to be filled out prior to not being let in and then they want you to fill them out again after given a “possible” appointment time 8 hours later. This place is a mess. Do NOT waste your time here. Just go someplace else. There are plenty of actual urgent care clinics where you will ACTUALLY be seen by a human practitioner, not sent some random appointment time that you sit and wait and wait and wait for.Also their voicemail says “we takewalk- ins (lie) and hardly have a wait” (another lie)
Donna M.
Absolutely the rudest front desk I have ever encountered. Scheduled appointment for 7:30PM; their website allowed me to make this appointment. Arrived there and checked in; then shortly I receive a phone call from some private number with no business title and it is their front desk. Basically told they don't accept walk-ins which I wasn't and after explaining to them their website gave me a confirmation code; this individual could care less instead just repeated herself and then hung up.
Suzanne M.

CommunityMed Urgent CarE

CommunityMed Family Urgent Care provides exceptional Urgent Care services. Our North Texas locations have been providing exceptional medical care since 2014. Locally owned and operated, CommunityMed provides fast and friendly care to area residents and commuters passing by. 

Patients love CommunityMed Urgent Care, because they can trust the exceptional, fast and friendly care they receive. Our clinic treats patients of all ages, so your whole family can experience great care. We treat boo-boos to broken bones and sniffles to stitches. With x-ray capabilities, an on-site lab and staff skilled in urgent care treatment, we are here for your urgent, non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

We also provide COVID-19 testing with three kinds of COVID-19 testing is available. Rapid Antigen Testing (where you will receive results same-day), PCR Swab Testing and Blood Antibody Testing. 

What is urgent care?

Urgent care involves treating minor cases like bumps and bruises, injuries and illnesses that do not require serious medical attention. The clinics are basically walk-in centers that provide fast care without the expense of an emergency room visit.

Do I need to book a time in advance for urgent care?

No, we attend to you the same day. Although the centers are essentially walk-in clinics, reaching to us in advance online to schedule your visit allows us to attend to you quickly upon arrival. It is convenient and reduces the patient’s wait time at the clinic. Reaching out to us virtually before coming also helps you get furnished with information about our services and anything else you may need to know in advance.

Does urgent care take my insurance?

We are in-network with Tricare, Medicare, and plans from most major insurance companies. We suggest you call the phone number on the back of your insurance card to confirm that our clinics are in-network with your insurance company. Confirming in advance before visiting the clinic not only saves you from incurring out-of-pocket expenses but also from wasting your precious time.

How long is the wait time at urgent care clinics?

It is usually quite short unlike at the hospital. Most patients are in and out within minutes or under an hour, including the time used waiting for the medical provider. However, it could be even less if you secure your spot in line via our online scheduling before arriving at the clinic. We always strive to attend to our clients within the shortest time to avoid long queues at our clinics and to ensure we assist our patients efficiently.

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Urgent Care Services

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