Broken Foot

X-Rays: Let’s Take a Closer Look

Accidents happen and when they do think CommunityMed Urgent Care & Family Care Clinic.

Patients come to us because we’re fast! If you are unsure whether your pain is a sprain or a broken bone, we are here to quickly diagnose correctly.

At CommunityMed Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic, we perform a variety of x-rays for adults and children including chest, abdominal, broken bone, and pelvis.  Let our efficient X-Ray Technicians take a closer look.  That uncontrollable cough, jar from the auto accident, or the line drive baseball into the chest can be reviewed quickly at CommunityMed.

Our high-tech X-Ray machines and highly skilled X-Ray Technicians can take a closer look. They will determine exactly what is going on and what’s needed.  No more waiting hours to get an X-Ray or paying a much higher cost for an x-ray at the ER.

At CommunityMed, if you’re in pain today, you can be seen today!

As a Full-Service, Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic, we can affordably care for you and get you feeling better fast with little-to-no wait time.

Call us today or use our easy, online check-in and rest comfortably at home until you’re seen!  CommunityMed Urgent Care has three convenient neighborhood locations to serve you, with more Coming Soon!

Get X-Rayed Fast at CommunityMed!